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CNN Anchor Flubs Audio During Bush Katrina Speech

Listen as President Bush’s speech on the anniversary of the Katrina disaster competes with girl’s talk from the washroom; after one of CNN’s show hosts leaves her mike on in the ladies

Wanted: Inside Information on Dr Kelly’s Death

Evidence is mounting that contradicts the official account of Dr David Kelly death. He was probably ‘removed’ for being an obstacle to an invasion of Iraq and now is the time for insiders to come forward and help expose the real reason for his murder

Why We Fight

On January 17, 1961, outgoing President Eisenhower made a historic speech as he prepared to hand over power to John F. Kennedy. Watch as he warns of the emergence of the “Military-Industrial-Complex” – otherwise known today as the New World Order

Gestapo Chief’s Warning to America

Although some might consider the CIA Interrogation of Heinrich Muller a hoax, this website agrees with Henry Makow Ph.D., it is indeed the raw material of history. More transcripts that throw a completely new light on the events of the past 60 years

Destroying a Crime Scene

For a critical 36 hours prior to 9/11 there was a power shut down in the WTC, disabling locks and security cameras and allowing outside engineering personnel unfettered access to parts of the building normally off-limits

Neo-Fascists Declare War On Truth Movement

Months before 9/11, Alex Jones predicted the Bush administration would stage a false flag terror op. Now he says false flag provocation are likely to occur in the coming months, with 9/11 researchers and truth activists being targeted for elimination

Dam comment gets terror scrutiny from FBI

An environmentalist fumes after being scrutinized as possible terrorist. Or how just about any opinion not in line with the government’s, can now get you labelled as a “terrorist”

Israeli Secrets I Shouldn't Know

Israeli Secrets I Shouldn’t Know

No outsider was supposed to discover what I did about Israel. And I’m sorry I did, writes Barry Chamish as he uncovers a hidden web of Freemasonry that lies behind Israel

Israel’s Capital is Occult Masonic Shrine, Like Wash DC

Israel was not founded as a Jewish state, it was founded as an occult state. Like Washington DC, many of its monuments and public buildings have hidden significance that can be seen only by those in the know

Rumsfeld Urges Russia on U.S. Missile Plan

One of the prime advocates of the Iraq invasion, Donald Rumsfeld now wants to fight terrorists using intercontinental ballistic missiles

Humbling of the supertroops shatters Israeli army morale

In the opening hours of the recent Israeli incursion into Lebanon, Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz, the IDF chief of staff, uttered four words that will haunt him and Israel for years to come: “We’ve won the war”, he said after the first air strikes went in

Were Explosives Used To Bring Down The Towers?

Hour long video documenting the hundreds of individual accounts and evidence of explosions within the World Trade Center towers on 9/11

Voice of the White House August 17, 2006

Bush was initially gloating the Israelis would defeat the “ragheads” but as it turned out they fought back, hard, writes a White House insider. Sending the Israelis, via their Ambassador here, begging for a ceasefire – before “everything here falls apart”

Voice of the White House August 10, 2006

More dynamite disclosures from Washington’s corridors of power. This week transcripts of telephone conversations that were never meant to be made public, between the Israeli Embassy and an individual at the AIPAC

America’s Rottweiler

“There is a shocking similarity between George W. Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, writes Uri Avnery, The one has personal conversations with Jesus, the other has a line to Allah. But the name of the game is domination”

Voice of the White House August 24, 2006

Although largely unreported, Iraqi resistance is mounting and casualties are rising. Pressure is growing for a withdrawal but Bush, and I have personally observed this, who is up against the wall is responding with hysterical, almost feminine, rage

Israel Prepares for the Next War

It may be a few years away yet, but the message coming from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as he toured northern Israel was clear: get ready for the next war, the really big war

Israel feels US will not attack Iran

A high ranking Israeli defense official has told The Jerusalem Post there is growing consensus within the Israeli defense establishment that the United States will not attack Iran, leaving Israel to do the job on its own

The War on Terror

In the guise of fighting the “War on Terror”, writes T Stokes, the British government is now waging covert war on its own citizens

Baghdad and Info Wars (Part One)

An Intelligence insider talks to Malcom Lagauche about the battle for Baghdad and how, far from being an easy win, it was a military disaster that cost the lives of hundreds of US troops