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Lebanese Doctor Says ‘Phosphorus Weapons’ Cause Suffering

The Israelis are using ‘Phosphorus Weapons’ against civilians in Lebanon: phosphorus is an incendiary device outlawed by international law

Israeli Bombardment Of Lebanon Escalation For World War Three

The Israeli bombardment of Lebanon is the next escalation of a conflict that is being orchestrated according to a set roadmap that leads directly to World War Three

A Prime Example of the ‘Limited Hangout’

Or how disinformation now masquerades as “news”

Can You Help Us, Please!

Israeli Forces appear to be using new weapons in the Lebanon. The results are shown in horrific wounds for which doctors need an explanation to provide treatment. Do you know what kind of weapons cause these terrible injuries so as to help treat them?

Four UN observers killed by Israeli bomb

The Israeli assault continues unchecked with four new victims

Voice of the White House July 23, 2006

A Washington insider writes that even the most secret and secure US government sites are being hacked into. And not only US sites but Israeli ones too

Diana Death; New Cover-up Fears

Inquest on Princess will be a “whitewash”, say critics

Israelis Using Chemical Weapons Against Palestinians?

An Egyptian legal committee has warned of the Israeli use of chemical weapons in Gaza

Reassessing the Hariri assassination in the light of recent events

It is only in the light of the ongoing crimes being committed by Israel in Lebanon that we can come to a full understanding of the real reason for the assassination of Rafik Hariri

Suicide bomber hits U.S.-led convoy – Afghan police

History repeats itself: first it was the armies of the British Empire, then the Soviet Union, now an army of the New World Order is facing similar prospects in Afghanistan

Hell in the Holy Lands

Israeli tanks are massing on Lebanon’s border. Hezbollah is fighting back hard. In the Middle East crisis, the stakes are growing ever higher

Controlling the News July 20, 2006

A media insider gives an example of Pentagon propaganda that masquerades as news and is then disseminated through a supposedly “free press”

There Could Have been Peace

There was absolutely nothing inevitable about it. The current crisis in the Middle East need never have happened. Mark H. Gaffney explains why

Voice of the White House July 20, 2006

The Israelis have been shocked to discover the quantity and quality of the rocketry (and other weapons) being used against them and there is a very serious military belief that the war will suddenly escalate, writes a Beltway insider

A Clever Deception Indeed … Will You be Fooled?

I have no doubt that GW Bush and the Zionist leaders of the nation state of Israel (NOT neccessarily the Jewish people) are god’s chosen vessels of destruction. The question is, by which god have they been chosen, and which god do they serve?

Bankers Bash Bush; Pump Global War

These days I am having deja vu, writes Henry Makow. I am experiencing what it was like before the first two world wars when the same shady cast of characters was frog marching Americans into costly and gratuitous infernos

New questions over death of David Kelly

Like 9/11, the war in Iraq and Princess Diana’s death, questions about the “suicide” of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly just wont go away

The Man Who Sold the War

Bush. Cheney. Rumsfeld, Rove are all familiar. But here’s one you won’t know. John Rendon. He’s a fixer. When the elite want to seize control of a sovereign country, Renford’s their man. He’ll invent the excuses, distort the intelligence and fake dossiers

Israeli Assault on Lebanon Inflicting "Mass Punishment on a Whole People"

Israeli Assault on Lebanon Inflicting “Mass Punishment on a Whole People”

Amy Goodman talks to Robert Fisk about the Israeli assault on Lebanon, the role of Syria and Iran in the crisis, embedded reporters in the Israeli military and more

Current Assault on Lebanon Part of Broader Israeli/US Plan

So says Washington insider Wayne Madsen, as he details how the political turf in the US is being prepared for a wider war against Iran and Syria