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Basra bomb kills two UK soldiers

Another two British soldiers have been killed in a war that the majority of Britons opposed from the outset

The Key to Good Writing

Practical advise for aspirant authors from Henry Makow Ph.D.

At least 1,000 UK soldiers desert

As Parliament debates a law that will forbid military personnel from refusing to participate in the occupation of a foreign country, it has been revealed that more than 1,000 British soldiers have deserted since Iraq was invaded

Germans should stop feeling Holocaust guilt: Ahmadinejad

“I believe the German people are prisoners of the Holocaust. More than 60 million were killed in World War Two … The question is: Why is it that only Jews are at the centre of attention?”

Russia Opposes Use of Force Against Iran — Security Chief

Which implies that if force is ultimately used to resolve the crisis over Iran’s nuclear program, Russia may side with Iran

Blair links West’s security to change in Iran

Just over three years ago, Tony blair was lining up Iraq for regime change with talk of Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and how they could be deployed in 45 minutes. Now he’s softly treading the same path with Iran

Army Spokesman John Boyce Claims Macbeth Never Served; Mainstream 2003 Newspaper Account Differs

The controversy over the veracity of the Jesse Macbeth video leaves many unanswered questions

Bush Smirked After ‘Admitting Mistakes’

Prompting even mainstream media journalists to wonder out loud if Bush’s admission to making “mistakes” hadn’t been rehearsed

Voice of the White House May 25, 2006

Ignore what you’ve been told; George Bush is not a Republican, writes a White House insider, he is a neo-nazi

Vaccination – The Hidden Truth

This video documentary on the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often-harmful side effects, illustrates how vaccines are proven to have harmful effects on health and how the medical profession is systematically lying to people about them

RTS bourse to start trading oil, oil products, gold on June 8

Things are moving fast and in less than two weeks we could see the beginning of a economic seismic shift with far reaching consequencies

The Red, White and Gray (Part One)

Jeff Wells details some bizarre sighting from the 1950’s, before the archetypal idea of “alien greys” and “flying saucers” had become embedded in popular consciousness

Water Car Inventor Murdered

Dennis Lee and Stanley Meyers drove a water-powered car from California to New York powered by 28 gallons of Water. Stan was subsequently conscripted to work for the Pentagon but was poisoned when he hoisted a toast to success powering Army Tanks

MI6 Are The Lords of the Global Drug Trade

A former MI6 agent reveals how global intelligence services play a key role in the international drugs trade. Foremost among them is Britain’s MI6. Moreover, his accusation have been in large part confirmed

9/11 and the Israeli “Art Students”

A long serving member of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, has confirmed that the Israeli “art students” who caught the attention of the DEA prior to 9/11, were themselves keeping the 9/11 hijackers under surveillance

9/11 – Odigo says workers were warned of attack

It’s almost history now but on July 15, 2004, Israeli daily Haaretz reprinted this story for the third time, unchanged since its first publication last year. The mainstream US/UK media have yet to even mention it

Odigo says workers were warned of attack

More than two years after 9/11, an Israeli instant messaging service has confirmed that two of its workers recieved warnings hours before the World Trade Center was attacked

Israeli Involvement in 911

“Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about the evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.” – US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9/11

Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 …

“Put together, the facts do appear to indicate that Israel knew that 9/11, or at least a large-scale terror attack, was about to take place on American soil, but did nothing to warn the USA.”

All 911 Airports Serviced by Same Security Firm

All the airports used by 911 hijackers and ‘Shoebomber’ Richard Reid were serviced by the same, Israeli owned, security company