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Foreign-policy critic speaks at West Point

Far from being “anti-establishment”, Noam Chomsky may in fact be a covert asset of the New World Order, disingenuously helping to divert opposition to its plans

The Voice of the White House April 20, 2006

Don’t be fooled, writes a White House insider: the sacking of the press chief and the ‘demotion’ of Karl Rove are no more than band aids on a severed leg

Bloggers punch way above their weight: study

And they have the overweight mainstream media seriously worried


In the light of more recent developments this older posting is more relevent than ever now

Weiner “Savage” Calls for Genocide of Muslims

Pictured (left) with Barbara Streisand, Michael Weiner is the new face of American fascism. A media pundit who has publicly – and without official rebuke – called for the slaughter of a hundred million Muslims

Scientists Warn Bush

Calling it “gravely irresponsible”, thirteen of America’s most prominent physicist have urged President Bush to seriously consider the consequencies of a strike on Iran

$500K Seized; Strange Situation Reported At Nuclear Plant

A story involving half million in cash, a nuclear plant, and a fleeing truck; with echoes of the Israelis caught videotaping the burning WTC towers after the airliners struck, who were all subsequently freed and returned to Israel

Winston Churchill: Another View of a Paper God

Brian Harring looks back at Winston Churchill and finds much at odds with the popular veiw

Mom and son jailed for incest

No great news value but for those who relish the bizarre, this rather grotesque story from Canada

Bush: the Decider Dictator

Nothing short of a military coup will put an end to this madness, writes Kurt Nimmo. On that day Bush and company will resemble Hitler and his lieutenants in his besieged Berlin bunker. Either that or they will have turned the planet into a living hell

Cheney Gets Booed, Sheen Gets Applauded

But the media reports it the opposite way around

US Building Massive Embassy in Baghdad

Rising fortress-like over Baghdad, the new US embassy will be the biggest US diplomatic outpost in the world. As big as the Vatican city and an indication, perhaps, that the US intends to stay for the long-haul

Thoughts on the Kaminski piece

A reader responds to the recent controversy concerning Jon Kaminski, Alex Jones, Doug Thompson, and Rense

China, Russia welcome Iran into the fold

A new global power block is emerging that could well challenge the West’s pre-eminence in the 21st century

Voice of the White House April 17, 2006

Men afraid of retribution can be very dangerous and now that China is calling Bush’s bluff, it will be interesting to see what he does next, writes a White House insider. Particularly in view of the fact the Bush is a moral and physical coward

Kalashnikov Says His Rifle Still the Best in Iraq

Nearly fifty years after the first one was produced its designer, Mikhail Kalashnikov, says his assault rifle remains unrivalled

Iran says army to make any attacker regret action

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during a military parade on Tuesday that the Iranian armed forces would “cut off the hands” of any aggressor

UK And US Involved In Selling Illegal Weapons To Iran And Iraq

Both the White House and 10 Downing Street trying to cover financial tracks in the illegal arms trade, showing both governments are facilitating the sale of weapons in the Middle East, weapons used to kill American and British soldiers

Iran donates millions to Hamas-led government

In a move likely to create more support for Iran, and maybe more problems for Israel, Tehran is giving 28.5 millions to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority to fill gaps left by Western aid cuts

The Macabre Holocaust Numbers Game

Henry Makow Ph. D, on how the truth has taken the back seat to political gain in the holocaust debate. Patriots shouldn’t appear to minimize it while resisting attempts to use it to advance the NWO