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French march against racism after Jew’s killing

It’s difficult to decide which is worse: the killing of a young French Jew or the cynical exploitation of his murder for political ends

Renewed Afghan Drug Trade

Renewed Afghan Drug Trade

While the Taliban had put an end to the drug trade when they were in power, Wayne Madsen reports that President Hamid Karzai, the U.S. viceroy for Afghanistan, is profiting from a renewed drugs trade

Iraq warns of risk of endless civil war

Which is what the Neocons wanted all along. Paving the way for a permanent US military presence, increased military spending, the break-up of Iraq and the expansion of a Greater Israel into what remains

For Whom The Bell Tolls

David Irving was sent to jail for denying Jewish superiority. His doom seals the reign of freedom that began with the fall of the Bastille

Voice of the White House February 23, 2006

The present uproar over Bush granting supervision of vital U.S. port facilities to a United Arab Emirate firm could mark a turning point in the relations between the administration and Congress, writes a White House insider

American Perverts Pack Rape and Kill Iraqi Women

The late, great Joe Vialls was one of the first to expose the full horror of detention in ‘liberated’ Iraq. We repost a ground-breaking article by him as more reports and photos surface of Iraqi captives being treated with calculated depravity

A collection of photos from Iraq

First publicised by the late great Joe Vialls and largely ignored by the mainstream media since then, they show that systematic rape and sexual humiliation are being used across Iraq to break the Iraqis will to resist

Illuminati Devil Year 666

Texe Marrs looks at the potential for slaughter and sacrifice in the year ahead based on an examination of key dates significant for both Zionists and satanists

Poland will not let Iran research Holocaust

Whether it’s a historic truth, exaggeration or fraud, Poland refuses to allow Iranian researchers to investigate the scale of the Holocaust committed on its soil in World War II

Russian Political Expert Predicts US Missile Attack on Iran in Early Summer

Although barely mentioned in the mainstream media, the consensus is growing among analysts that the U.S. and maybe Israel will attack Iran in the months ahead

Preparations for US Strike on Iran in “Final Stages”

Preparations for US Strike on Iran in “Final Stages”

With extensive contacts within the US military and Intelligence community, Wayne Madsen reports that various sources report preparations for a US strike on Iran are close to being finalised and may even involve tactical nuclear weapons

Is Washington Planning a Military Strike?

Recent reports in the German media suggest that the United States may be preparing its allies for an imminent military strike against facilities that are part of Iran’s suspected clandestine nuclear weapons program

Pakistan to stand by Iran in case of US aggression: Kasuri

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Khursheed Kasuri, has said that Pakistan will stand together with Iran if it is attacked by the U.S.

Askariya Shrine Bombing: Black Op?

There is every reason to believe that the bombing of the Askariya shrine was part of a broader covert campaign to encourage divisions and foment civil war in Iraq, ultimately leading to its break-up

Siege Heil: The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the Destabilization of California

The treatment of Revisionst Historians may be unjust but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the Bush family, Karl Rove’s father and Schwarzenegger’s father were all tied to the Nazis

DU Scandal Explodes

Executive director of Veterans for Constitutional Law, reportedly claimed that “thousands of our military have suffered and died from, [and depleted uranium] has finally been identified as the cause of this sickness

Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer

Cheney was drunk when he gunned down his friend and the day-and-a-half delay in allowing Texas law enforcement officials on the ranch where the shooting occurred gave all members of the hunting party time to sober up

Operation Able Danger Cover-up

One of the most important events in recent times occurs, a reader writes, yet it gets almost no media coverage whatsoever

Voice of the White House February 20, 2006

Fear and loss of power is a strong motivator, writes a White House insider. So its been decided that Dick Cheney will bear the brunt of the growing anger over Iraq, leaving the rest of the Republican Party in a stronger position for the Mid-Terms in Nov.

David Irving Goes To Prison

Sentencing David Irving to three years in jail for what some would dispute was a crime, may backfire. His accusers may not only be punishing Irving but crucifying him and in the process creating a martyr for historical revisionists