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What Israel fears is Iran as a strategic regional rival

“We cannot afford a nuclear bomb in the hands of our enemies,” said Knesset member Ephraim Sneh. “They don’t have to use it; the fact that they have it is enough”.

Israel ‘will not sit back’ and let Iran build atomic weapons

More thinly-veiled threats in the run-up to what could be a potential global conflict

Voice of the White House January 20, 2006

It has been known, officially, that bin Laden died of kidney failure in August of 2002, writes a White House insider. However, a live bin Laden is the perfect boogyman to terrify the US public into believing that their government is protecting them

Chirac Warns France Would Use Nukes

France’s President Chirac has just upped the stakes in the “War on Terror”, as he emphasised France’s readiness to “use nuclear arms” to protect itself

Where Eagles Dare

Ask most people when the “War on Terror” began and the standard response will be “9/11”. Although that is the date history will record as the beginning of hostilities, this war actually began in 1973, writes Down the Middle

Franklin’s fate

Larry Franklin has been sentenced to twelve years in jail for his role in the AIPAC spy scandal. However, as Xymphora explains, there is a twist to this

Iranian President Cements Syrian Alliance

Visiting Syria to further consolidate ties between the two nation in the face of the growing prospect of an attack by the US and/or Israel, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the West of acting like the “lord of the world”

Exploring the Ruins of a Masonic Temple

Tabitha Fraser recounts how she once explored the ruins of an abandoned masonic temple in Monrovia. But instead of finding the remants of Christian worship, she found the symbols and relics of Satanic ritual

‘US will help Israel in case of war with Iran’

‘US will help Israel in case of war with Iran’ says Dick Cheney. So all Israel needs to do to elimate its chief adversary in the Middle East is stage another USS Liberty style attack on its own forces … and don’t think it won’t

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

All the evidence points to bin Laden having died years ago. So this latest video, warning of an imminent attack on the US while offering a possible truce, is probably a fake designed to heighten US public anxiety and lift Bush’s falling approval rating

Sickness in the static

You know they lied to you, but you’re too scared to admit it

Iraq and Democracy?

The latest excuse we are told, for the attack on Iraq, was to bring about democratic change. But let us be sure we were NOT told the facts and never are. Tony Blair has now said ”he is sorry for the war, the intelligence was wrong” Privately, the intelligence services are furious, as they have […]

The Topol SS 27 is the fastest missile ever

The worlds has entered a new and much more dangerous era with the Topol SS 27. The Russian missile is the fastest ever built; what’s more it can manoeuvre in mid-trajectory rendering current US anti-missile technology obsolete

Moscow Will Not Follow West’s Cue on Iran

Russia is unlikely to support calls for sanctions against Iran, as speculation mounts that the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program may only be resolved militarily

Voice of the White House January 15, 2006

The public is being fed a steady diet of inconsequential or invented news to lull them into a false sense of security, writes a White House insider. Is it any wonder then that they are increasingly turning to the Internet, nuts and all, for real news?

Kurt Nimmo Stops Updating Another Day in Empire

We regret to report that Kurt Nimmo has been forced to stop updating his web site, after death threats to his wife and family. As he explains, there are now many scary parallels between the United States today and Nazi Germany, in the 1930s

British court martial whitewashes abuse of Iraqis

Four British soldiers have been sentenced for their part in the abuse of Iraqi detainees. However, their commanding officers have been cleared and the men behind the actual decision to invade Iraq in the first place, were not even mentioned

Russia Says Imposing Sanctions a Bad Way of Dealing with Iran

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday that sanctions were not the best way to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis

Full Spectral Dominance (Part One)

Jeff Wells examines the experiences of those who have explored the boundaries of reality, in particular Bob Monroe, one of the pioneers of the US military’s Remote Viewing program

You Approve of Domestic Spying?

Let’s get it straight, you actually believe that the government has the right to spy at will. You think there’s nothing wrong with listening in on domestic phone conversations or intercepting personal e-mail or cell calls? Then Start With Skull & Bones!