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Back to black

Remember the claims of Ground Zero firefighters, contradicting the official account, that they had actually recovered the black boxes of Flights 11 and 175, which were then promptly seized by federal agents? Well, now comes the corroboration

Merry Christmas From the Holy Land

Merry Christmas From the Holy Land

Seasonal greetings together with some thoughts on those who will not be free to celebrate Christmas this year

Report: Syria agrees to hide Iran nukes

Syria has signed a pledge to store Iranian nuclear weapons and missiles, reports the World Tribune. Thus providing justification for the US to take out both of Israel’s prime enemies in one move

Internal Enemies: Kill Them and Let God Sort Them Out

Is it possible Blackwater death squads will be lurking in your neighborhood, asks Kurt Nimmo, assassinating “internal threats”. No doubt we are one “terrorist event” away from finding out

The Cocaine Coup and the Coca Revolution

On July 17, 1980, drug traffickers and hired mercenaries overthrew the democratic government of Bolivia. Cocaine production increased dramatically thereafter but the recent election victory of Eva Morales may signal a dramatic turning of the tide

Osama, Saddam? What’s in a name?

Ooops! Bush inadvertantly reveals more than the fact that he is a mental maladroit

Distinguished University of Minnesota Philosophy Professor Joins 9/11 Fight, Saying the Truth Must Be Uncovered

The 9/11 truth movement gathers momentum as yet another leading academic joins its ranks. James H.Fetzer, a University of Minnesota philosophy professor, has publicly thrown his support behind other professors questioning the official 9/11 story

Holocaust II and the neocon conspiracy

It’s a mystery how small group Zionist intellectuals took over US foreign policy and steered it against America’s better interests. Xymphora takes a closer look at how this was done and the ramifications

Big Brother Alert!!!

“If you want to know who’s sleeping with whom, who drinks too much or has a fondness for nose candy, this is the place to find it,” says another White House aide. “Karl (Rove) operates under the rule that if you f**! with us, we’ll f**! you over.”

White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 ‘political enemies’

They’ve got lists of names, is your name there?

Putin Calls Russia Defender of Islamic World

A seismic shift has just occurred in the global balance of power. With the US and Israel said to be considering a military strike on Iran’s Russian supplied nuclear reactor, President Putin has declared that Russia is a “defender of the Islamic world”

Zionists pressurizes Bush Administration to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities

One way or another, say Zionists, the Iranian nuclear program must be stopped

Britain ran torture camp after World War Two

Briton set the precedent for Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, nearly fifty years ago. Its now been revealed that in the aftermath of World War Two, Briton detained, tortured and starved Germans, including businessmen thought to have prospered under the Nazis

Iran seeks to sign key oil deal with China by Jan

Washington doesn’t like it as the new global power players strike a deal

Voice of the White House December 16, 2005

Nothing compares with the fawning Polish leadership, writes a White House insider. They would reopen Auschwitz for the torture of Arabs if only to please President Bush

The Jewish grinch who stole Christmas

America is supposedly a Christian nation, writes Burt Prelutsky, so why has Christmas suddenly now become a dirty word?

Bush Says Iraq War Is Good for Israel

It might not be good for America or Iraq but, says the President, the benefits to Israel’s safety make it worthwhile

A Night at the Opera

It’s not funny, as John Kaminski explains, we’re lost in the music and cannot hear the words

Iran May Buy Russian Surface-to-Air Missile Complex — Report

The stakes couldn’t be higher with Israel said to be considering a military strike on Iran. Now Iran and Russia have prepared an agreement on the purchase of a complete Russian surface-to-air missile complex, the Pechora-2A, in the second half of 2006

The Inquistion’s Latest Target: Bruno Gollnisch

The crackdown on those who so much as question the orthodox interpretation of history continues. The latest heretic: Bruno Gollnisch, a member of the European parliament and French university professor