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The Jewish war on freedom of speech

With 3 leading historical revisionists — Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf and now, David Irving — all in European courts for questioning the conventional version of history, we need to be careful what we think, says John Kaminski, especially if it’s about Jews

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat

He was recently attacked in a leading Dutch newspaper. Among other things, the writer complaining that Shamir’s work was appearing on websites that could never be taken seriously. Enjoy his reply as he takes apart his critics point-by-point

The Rule of Satan Made Manifest

The Rule of Satan Made Manifest

They’re back and in your face. More of those hand-signals that some say are signals of allegiance to satan. This time they were photographed being thrown by Bush and his retinue at the recent inauguration

Arms Exports Up 15-fold in Last 3 Years — State Agency

Question: which country has seen its arms exports surge 15 fold in the last three years? America? China? Israel? Wrong, would you believe that the former Soviet Union has seen a boom in arms sales and exports

Voice of the White House November 18, 2005

More from a Beltway insider, this week: frightened by growing public anger certain Congressional leaders, from both sides of the aisle, are holding private meetings concerning taking back the governance of the United States

What about Bob?

Perpetuating the myth of Woodward and Bernstein was fine by all sides. Americans in their waking dream-state could console themselves by their example, that if things got really bad, then they would be told. Of course they wouldn’t be but that’s the trick

Bomb Trigger

The obvious targets of the Amman blasts were Palestinian intelligence chiefs who were meeting Chinese military officials. The message was clear: China should not be making friends with Palestine But what triggered the blasts is another matter entirely

Vaccinations and the Right to Refuse

The risk of vaccination must be considered as important — and potentially more serious — than the risk of a childhood disease. Years of experience and thousands of hours of research have lead to this conclusion, writes a doctor

Professor Jones Teaches Tucker About 911

Louis Freeh Charges 9/11 Commission Cover-Up

The former FBI director claimed the 9/11 Commission ignored – or “summarily rejected” – the most critical intelligence that could have prevented 9/11

PBS-Rockefeller Hate Campaign Against Families

This letter to PBS from 20 professionals protests the anti-father bias in a documentary about child abuse. An arm of Rockefeller Social Engineering, PBS has a policy of destroying the family through funding and promotion of homosexuality and perversion

Why the Sudden Clampdown on Revisionists?

David Irving arrested in Austria

The arrest and deportation of Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolph mark a crackdown by forces of the New World Order on those who question the iconic figure of six million. Now it appears the Historian David Irving has also been arrested in Austria

Menuhin’s son forced to resign over ‘anti-Semitic’ interviews

The son of a renowned Jewish violinist has been ousted from his position as the head of his father’s foundation in Germany for claiming that Germany was being blackmailed – by an international Jewish conspiracy preying on the country’s war guilt

Torture’s out. Now they call it abuse

No screaming, no cries of agony, no shrieks of pain. Yes, it sounds much better, doesn’t it?

Political Murder? Secret Service Critic Gunned Down

It’s not only in the UK/USA where the ominous spectre of totalitarianism is looming. A few nights ago, long time investigator into crime in high places and false flag operations, Louis Seveke, was gunned down execution style in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Corporate Media and Amman Bombings: Nothing Here, Move On

Corporate Media and Amman Bombings: Nothing Here, Move On

The lies surrounding the Amman bombings continue to unravel. Now its been revealed that far from being Western owned, the Radisson Amman was owned by Jordanians who had previously expressed strong support for the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples

The Voice of the White House November 14, 2005

A Beltway insider details how one of America’s prime allies in the “War on Terror” was itself born out of a campaign of indiscriminate terror and violence

Zundel in Abu Ghraib

Ian Buckley on The Trials of Ernst Zundel

Israeli Mossad establishing Trinidad & Tobago base against Venezuela

Reports are coming in of Mossad personnel gathering in Trinidad, Tobago and Columbia, in preparation for a possible move on Venezuela