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Iran Readying for Conflict With US?

Iran Readying for Conflict With US?

Bolstered by events in Iraq and having replaced its military high command, reorganised the command structure and aquired extensive new weaponary, the indications are that Iran is preparing for full-on military confrontation with America

Voice of the White House September 19, 2005

President Bush, reports a White House insider, has been badly shaken by the recent show of defiance by Iran’s newly elected president

New Oraq and the corrupt class warriors

Would Bush destroy an iconic American city for a minimum of $250 billion. You betcha!

Secret Agreement Signed to Amalgamate Canada, US and Mexico

When President Bush met up with Presidents Fox and Martin in Crawford earlier this year, a secret agreement was hammered out to amalgamate Mexico, Canada and the United States, writes Bob Chapman

Why Jewish Bankers Love Anti-Semites

Without realising it, anti-Semites are doing the banking cartels own dirty work, transforming legitimate opposition to the New World Order into discredited racism

Who’s Blowing Up Iraq?

Are the bombs that are killing so many Iraqi civilians are being planted by British and American Intelligence?

Barcelona clubbers get chipped…

Or how the BBC is now being used to further the agenda of the New World Order

Cleric says al-Zarqawi died long ago

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is long dead, claims a Muslim cleric, and the supposed threat posed by him is a ploy being used by the Americans to justify the continued occupation of Iraq

Voice of the White House September 14, 2005

Forced to eat crow over Brown, and savagely attacked in what he thought (via Rove) was a docile and controlled media, Bush, reports a White House insider, has been demanding a “whole new ballgame” from his aides

Will our good sense ever overcome our gullibility?

Much of the orthodox medical community, including our tax free foundations, our clinics and hospitals, our drug industry and virtually all of our much promised, but notably unsuccessful research into cures for disease, is all about making money

The Merovingian Signature of the Hurricanes Part Two

Are killer hurricanes being engineered to transform America, shifting its population to isolated “sustainable communities“ (read: crowded cities), which are in essence remote archipelagos amid vast swathes of all-encompassing wilderness?

The Merovingian Signature of the Hurricanes Part One

In the wake of the destruction wrought by hurricane Katrina, it’s worth asking if weather modification is being used to further the aims of the New World Order. For as fantastic as it may sound, there is compelling evidence that this is indeed the case

Mercenaries Are Prowling New Orleans

Like Baghdad, soldiers of fortune are on armed patrol in a devastated Louisiana

Baghdad Bombings: Order Out of Chaos

Now that al-Zarqawi and al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for explosions in Baghdad that killed at least 152 people, we can conclude that since US/UK forces cannot win outright, they are now trying to splinter Iraq and turn Iraqis against one another

FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scandals

Some would say that it was a measure of the administration’s respect for human life, but the grim task of disposing the dead in New Orleans has been awarded to a firm operated by a friend of the Bush family with a history of hiding and dumping bodies

Eyeless in Gaza’

What we look for in others is what we need to see in ourselves

The Danziger Bridge incidents

Conflicting press reports about looters being killed and/or Army Police being fired on at Danziger Bridge, New Orleans, might be being used as a smoke screen, writes Xymphora, to conceal the fact that floodwalls and levees were intentionally blown

Next Stop: Syria

The neocons aren’t through with us, writes Justin Raimondo, not by a long-shot

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party

The dinner party was full of interesting conversation and insights into crop circles, writes researcher Charles Mallet, but it was what followed that was really intriguing

They did not ’Fail’, they intentionally withheld lifesaving supplies!