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Up to 1000 die in stampede

Up to 1,000 Iraqi Shi’ites might have died in a stampede on a Tigris River bridge in Baghdad on Wednesday, panicked by rumours a suicide bomber was about to blow himself up, government officials told Reuters. Most victims were women and children who “died by drowning or being trampled” after panic swept a throng of […]

My Brother’s Keeper

For sixty years now we’ve kept the genie in the bottle and nuclear weapons have yet to be used in anger. However, if we do not stop the madmen in Washington, and stop them NOW, it may be too late and World War III may have already begun

On the Heels Of Death Threats Coming Out Of Washington, WTC Janitor Has Jersey City Apartment Burglarized

Journalist Wayne Madsen has left Washington over death threats and William Rodriguez, 9/11 truth-seeker, had his apartment burglarized. Both fit the description of the person supposedly targeted by the government

Madsen Under Threat of Assassination

Internet journalist and contributor to this website Wayne Madsen is on the run following leaks from an intelligence insider that a contract had been made to “take him out”

“We’re Just Pissing In The Wind Now”

“They (insurgents) are doing a hell of a job fighting this war. They know they can’t take us head on but they can do a lot of damage with bombs,” said Allen, 19, of Syracuse, N.Y. “There’s no one out here to fight.”

De Menezes Shooting: All the facts point to a cover up

With each passing day more evidence is being unearthed that that the de Menezes was not simply a case of mistaken identity but a deliberate targeted killing of an innocent man. With London’s police now doing all in their power to conceal this fact

Pat Robertson Was Right

Why all the fuss over Pat Robertson’s remarks? After all, writes Rosemarie Jackowski, there may even be element of truth in preacher Pat’s words

Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

Bush’s Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

Aides are scrambling behind the scenes to cover George Bush’s violently profane outbursts. Which are, according to Dr Frank, author of ‘Bush on the Coach’, all too typical of an alcholic in denial

Reuters demands release of wounded Iraq journalist

US forces killen an Iraqi soundman working for Reuters yesterday and wounded his cameraman, who is still being held for questioning

(Don’t) mention the word J**

Even as Israeli forces moved in to clear four West Bank settlements, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon reaffirmed his commitment to settlement construction. But the media is still too focused on the melodrama of a relatively small number of settlers to notice

Voice of the White House August 26, 2005

More insider gossip from the halls of power in Washington, this week: serious planning is underway with Israel for military action against Syria early next year

Bus bomber stopped for a Big Mac before killing started

What does a Muslim “suicide bomber do just before he makes the ultimate sacrifice? Does visit a mosque? Does he devoutly study the Koran? No, Hasib Hussain, the 7/7 bus bomber went to that shrine of western materialism McDonald’s for a burger and fries

Does Israel Really Have Nukes?

No really. It may sound like a stupid questions but Cytations provides some very good reasons to doubt that the Zionist state does actually possess nuclear weapons

Britain’s elite get pills to survive bird flu

Members of Britain’s elite have been selected as priority cases to receive scarce pills and vaccinations at the taxpayers’ expense if the country is hit by a deadly bird flu outbreak. Workers at the BBC and prominent politicians — such as cabinet ministers — would be offered protection from the virus. Ken Livingstone, the London […]

US/Iraqi Military Launch New Attack on the City of Al Qaim

Reports from Doctors For Iraq, a group of non-aligned physicians, suggest that Iraqi civilians are bearing the worst of these attacks. As always.

China Converts Russian Ship to Build Its First Aircraft Carrier

The Chinese are reportedly working on an abandoned Russian Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier, in preparation for the launch of China’s first ocean going aircraft carrier

Tikkun and the problem of Jewish Supremacism

Another voice joins those of Jewish descent who are speaking out against Zionism and the machinations of Washington’s neo con cabal

London bombers triggered blasts by hand: paper

As London newspapers report that the 7/7 bombings were triggered by “button-like” devices, we ask: is news coverage now being steered by the dictates of behavioural science as much as by news editors?

Extremist Mullah Calls for Assassination of American Leader

Chris Floyd on Pat Robertson’s recent outburst against Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez

Abramoff Indictment Makes Bush Regime a Fat Target

The indictment against for fraud and conspiracy against attorney Jack Abramoff threatens to expose the foundations of the Bush regime in all its rank criminality