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American soldier kills little girl to win a bet

Why does this incident sound as if it could have occurred in the Gaza? Do both soldiers have the same commander? Or are they both, unknowingly of course, following the same game plan?

It’s OK to Be “Anti – Jewish Politics” – Really!

Spread the word. Do yourself a favour and restrict personal exposure to the NY–Hollywood–Washington Axis of processed news and thought, as these outlets produce zombie-like patterns of conformity

Russia to Deliver Nuclear Fuel for Bushehr Power Plant in Few Months — Iranian Official

The first delivery of Russian nuclear fuel to Iran’s nuclear power plant is on schedule and due to be delivered within a matter of months

“Secret” Air Base for Iraq War started prior 9-11

The actual building of the mammoth Al Udeid airbase began as early as the spring of 2001. And contrary to being a “miracle in the desert” in response to 9/11, as touted by the military, it was rather a calculated step on the path to regime change in Iraq

‘Hotel Journalism’ Dictates Coverage of Iraq

The murder, on videotape, of an Italian correspondent, the cold-blooded killing of one of Poland’s top reporters and his Bulgarian cameraman have persuaded many journalists covering Iraq that a large dose of discretion is the better part of valor

FBI Drops Osama – Seeks Wanted Tomato

Only a while ago Osama bin Laden was the FBI’s most wanted but not any more. Now a spokesman has declared that environmental activists and animal rights extremists are top of the FBI’s most wanted list

FBI Snoops Library Patron, Uncovers Book Defacer

The frontline in the “War on Terror” now starts in your local library

AIPAC can place you by the elbow of the president

Most Americans don’t have a clue that another Pollard has been caught in the act of passing classified information to Israeli spies. The fact that its largely gone unnoticed is testimony to AIPAC’s power over the US media

The US war with Iran has already begun

Although he may have been wrong in predicting an American led attack on Iran in June, although it may yet still happen, he was right about Iraq’s alleged WMD’s. So don’t be too ready to dismiss his latest announcements

General Update…

“The Americans won’t be out in less than ten years”, says one Iraqi. If you could see the bases they are planning to build – if you could see what already has been built – you’d know that they are going to be here for quite a while

Red Alert: Dagger At Democracy

Despite warnings of totalitarian legislation, the Civil Contingencies Bill was passed a while back. Almost without anyone realising that it would allow the UK government to declare a State of Emergency and Martial Law for practically anything it chose

‘Am I Next?’

The one overriding question that haunts the members of a casualty depleted platoon

Voice of the White House June 19. 2005

More revelations from a White House insider. This week: ground rules on how workers in the White House are advised to snitch on each other

Why is Islam so feared and derided today?

“Muslims are hated”, writes Ian Buckley, “not for their vices, but for their virtues.”

We Are Surrounded

As a former intelligence analyst, I see a new world emerging. One the media ignores, the politicians refuse to recognize, and one of which the American people remain ignorant. It is a world in which we are surrounded, infiltrated, and readied for invasion

Scholarly Journal Seized By Customs Thought Police

Paul Fromm discovers that ideas are far more dangerous than drugs. As he returns from a conference he addressed on book confiscation and the tactics of Canadian thought police, only to find Canada’s politically correct customs control waiting for him

Jaffa Lizards

A feeling of collective guilt is a nasty thing, tarring all and sundry with the same sense of blame regardless of the individual’s culpability. But some have made a point of exploiting this for their own purposes

We are all complicit in these vile acts of torture

If our government uses information drained out of these creatures, it is we who are holding the whips

The Mother of All Hoaxes

Conspiracy Theory goes mainstream as former Bush team player, Morgan Reynolds, goes public in voicing doubts over the official version of events on 9/11

Historian: Nazis wanted to deport Jews to Soviet Union

Documents unearthed in Moscow, which may result in a dramatic rewrite of history, show Germany had approached the Soviet Union as early as 1940 with proposals to deport Jews there. The Soviets refused however, saying they had, “a lot of our own already”