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Shoot the Messenger

When a US marine shot dead a wounded Iraqi in a Fallujah mosque, the story created headlines. It was the biggest scandal to hit the US military since Abu Ghraib. What we still don’t know is what actually went on outside the frame of that infamous image

The Hollow Victory

As the last Syrian troops leave Lebanon, after nearly 29 years, Robert Fisk reflects on their departure and what it may bring

Stealth Assassination of Yasser Arafat

Allegations that Yasser Arafat was poisoned have resurfaced and this time they are being made by his own doctor

Albert Einstein: Plagarist of the Century

Einstein plagiarised the work of several notable scientists in his 1905 papers on special relativity and E = mc2, yet the physics community has never bothered to set the record straight in the past century

Voice of the White House April 25, 2005

CIA rebellions are started by funding overseas opposition politicians, writes a White House insider. Then a rebellion is fomented and then, when the government falls, the oil companies move in. Trouble is, someone else is trying the same trick in Mexico

Syrian Presidential Palace No-Fly Zone for Israeli Jets – Putin

Despite US and Israeli objections, Russia’s President Putin is determined to press ahead with sales to Syria of state-of-the-art air defence systems

The Ricin Ring That Never Was

A story that illustrates how the supposed “terror threat” is being played up and how the mainstream media is playing along. In this case how a ‘politically incorrect’ story was dumped and how it was only salvaged with help of the Google and

America’s Controlled Media

A senior CIA official writes that America’s media, its so-called “free-press”, has been remarkably silent about a very real threat to the United States

How Arabic text of WMD dossier was massaged by Downing St

A translation of the original dossier, upon which Tony Blair based his claim of Iraq’s possession of WMD, reveals subtle changes in translation. The overall effect being to make Saddam Hussein appear more of threat to Gulf states than he actually was

Saving Saudi Arabia

The much speculated attack on Iran is unlikely to happen, at least not in the immediate future. The reason, argues Xymphora, is that America has a more pressing agenda including a US led strike on Saudi Arabia

Poland Hunts Jewish Commandant for Crimes Against Humanity

Usually it works the other way round. Now however, Poland is demanding the extradition from Israel of of Solomon Morel, so that he can face trial in Poland for running a concentration camp under the old communist regime

Blueprint for a Prison Planet I

A Brief History of Banking “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” – Amshall Rothschild In the recent era, the story of “the elite” commences with the development of the modern banking system in Middle Ages Europe. At that time, disposable wealth was usually held in […]

Blueprint for a Prison Planet II

The Future – Chips with Everything? In the previous passages, I’ve looked at a few aspects of our recent history with the intention of demonstrating that there may be a pattern of organization in the background that could give many people grounds for concern. At this point, I would now like to address the question: […]

Waiting for the Iraq ‘Spectacular’

The war in Iraq is as much a military contest as it is a battle for public opinion, particularly in the US. With this in mind, the Iraqi resistance are ever more likely to launch large-scale attacks to help sway public opinion against continued occupation

Voice of the White House April 19, 2005

A White House insider reports that Bush is stricken with a blind terror of death, the roots of which lie in his childhood. Coupled with the fact that virtually every president has died an untimely death, his fears have become an overiding obsession

Onyx and BrahMos, The Deadly Duet

These Mach 2.9 identical Russian and Indian twins are instant death to any warship stupid enough to get within range. Both ramjet missiles approach their targets at only 20 feet altitude, thereby denying western defense systems any time to respond

Mexico Attorney General Has Microchip Fitted in Arm

In what some see as a cynical ruse to gain wider acceptance for microchip implants, Mexico’s attorney general has had a microchip implanted in his arm

Barcoding Humans

In a world where the threat of terrorism is an ever-present reality, its makers think the surgically implanted IDs could be the Social Security numbers of the future in a nervous world

The Mark of the Beast?

A prototype of an implantable biometric chip capable of marking an individual’s precise location and of monitoring him or her for life is gaining support. It was named Best in Show of 170 International Science Exhibitors last year, and released in its “First Phase” wristwatch format called Guardian Angel soon after. Beta testing with an […]

Rejection of the Feminine is Rooted in the Occult

Rejection of the Feminine is Rooted in the Occult

Someday our educators and politicians will be held accountable for turning impressionable girls into lesbians and ruining their lives. They teach a hate-filled Feminist dogma that heterosexuality is a “social construct,” males are violent predators, and sex with a man is rape. Millions of gullible girls are falling into a diabolical trap intended to make […]