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America’s Agenda for Global Military Domination

Virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media, the future aims, objectives and strategy of America’s military have been transformed from defending American to an entirely new plan. Michel Chussudovsky spells out the changes

United Nations Compares Racial Pride to ‘Growing Virus’

The UN has launched a campaign which likens racial pride to a disease. Yet it makes no mention of Zionism or its notions of Jewish racial supremacy

Voice of the White House March 21, 2005

If the average Republican supporting hick in Iowa could see how the White House was really run, writes a White House insider, they would evict the present occupants and march them down Pennsylvania Avenue with pitch forks

Freemasonry: Midwife to an Occult Empire

Terry Melanson looks back at some of the men who played a part in Freemasonry and how, in one way or another, they have all been involved with the occult. Like Alister Crowley, pictured left, once known as “the wickedest man alive”

The corpse of American culture

Where all the heroes are fake and the icons are revered for their lies

Hundreds of injured veterans are facing the sack

Hundreds of British soldiers, wounded in action or injured in active service in Iraq, have been assessed as physically incapable of full mlitary duty and now face effectively the sack as a result

An “Invisable Army” Fights the Media Lies About 9/11

An “Invisable Army” Fights the Media Lies About 9/11

Fighting against the secrecy of the government and the disinformation of the corporate media, an invisible army of citizens is fighting to expose the lies about 9/11

Diplomats: Iran building tunnels for arms

Fearimg US airstrikes, the Iranians are reported to have dug tunnels up to half a mile deep in which to store nuclear components

Iran Starts Production of Torpedoes

As tensions mount between Washington and Tehran, Iran has announced a new addition to its armoury

Khatami: Iran Would Be Hell for Attackers

Iran’s President Khatami has warned that “Iran will turn into a scorching hell” for aggressors if attacked. Thing is: Khatami is considered the leader of Iran’s moderate faction

Why an Attack on Iran is Inevitable

Is the US going to attack Iran? Last week, Tony Blair and Jack Straw denied it. Are they lying? Judging by their performance over Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction: it’s almost certain that they are

U.S. Adds Israel to the Iran Equation

Remember all those stories about the ‘threat’ posed by Saddam Hussein and his Weapons of Mass Destruction which were so prominent prior to the invasion of Iraq? Well the opening moves are now underway to launch a similar attack on Iran

The Coming Wars

Despite worsening security in Iraq, the Bush administration seems intent on confronting Iran. Driven by the neocons and an increasingly anxious Israel, a joint Israeli/US strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities looks ever more likely

Iranian air force put on alert

In anticipation of a possible air strike on its nuclear facilities, Iran has put its recently bolstered air force on a high state of alert

How Iran Will Fight Back

How Iran Will Fight Back

As speculation mounts over a U.S. led attack on Iran, the Iranians themselves have been sending out signals. Having just completed military exercises described by observers as “spectacular”, the Americans may be in for a nasty surprise if they attack

U.S. Stages Simulated Attack On Iran

Is Washington preparing the way for the next stage in the ‘War on Terror’?

Iran arrests ‘spy’ faking nuclear company

America has been accused of trying to set up Iran, so that it can be accused of “not respecting” the Non-Proliferation Treaty on nuclear weapons, thus preparing the way for military action. Now an Iranian has been arrested for being part of the scam

Iran: A Bridge Too Far?

Although the Russian military is rusting and dilapidated, in certain key areas Russian military technology is actually superior to America’s. Nowhere is this truer than in anti-ship missile technology, where the Russians hold at least a ten-year lead

Are US and Israel Preparing to Strike Iran?

Only a lunatic would consider a joint US/Israel strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities. But then Bush, Sharon and the neocons are clearly lunatics

Is Iran Next?

Is Iran Next?

The Pentagon neocons who brought you the war in Iraq have a new target