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Hungarian Farmers in Revolt

In contrast to Ukraine’s Orange Revolution – much lover by the mainstream media, the Western media has completely ignored recent events in Hungary, where farmers are up in arms: having laid seige to the country’s parliament with nearly a thousand tractors

Iraq to be a Vietnam: retired general

Australia’s involvement in Iraq, has the potential to become an unmitigated disaster, just like Vietnam, says a retired Australian general who served there

If I Don’t Show Up At My Office in the Morning, You’ll Know They Got Me

As a proud American Jew, I ask the Jewish leadership: how can you countenance a policy that creates genuine doubt and fear among writers, academics and plain people? Your policy may lead to less public expression of bias and “hatred, but at what price?

Columbia U. Professor, Criticized for Views on Israel

And just to make sure he understands, he’s been banned from a teacher teacher-training program

John McCain and Hillary Clinton

Speaking in Baghdad’s Green Zone recently, Sen. John McCain called for permament US bases in Afghanistan and together with Hilary Clinton outlined an optimistic vision for Iraq’s future. While a mile away battle raged between US forces and insurgents

The Break-Up of Iraq?

Moves are underway which could eventually lead to the break-up of Iraq as an autonomous state and see the emergence of three independent mini States which, crucially would never be able to pose a serious threat to Israel

Pentagon Is Lying Its Way Out of An Unwinnable War – Again

As with Vietnam, writes Vietnam vet Col. David Hackworth, exactly the same mistakes are being made in Iraq

Madrid Stands and the WTC Falls

The Windsor tower in Madrid burnt for nearly 2 days but remained standing, the WTC towers collapsed after burning for less than 3 hours. Yet they shared the same design and were supposed to sustain multiple 707 impacts. Was the WTC’s collapse assisted?

More Evidence of Demolitions In WTC?

At the very least this again ‘pours cold water’ on the argument that the temperatures were enough to melt steel when this and other videos show people unaffected by the heat

Voice of the White House February 19, 2005

More disclosures from a White House insider. This week: more sordid shenanigans at 1600 Pensylvania Avenue

Federal Murder Inc. Tied to OKC Terror Bombing

It has been nearly 10 years since Oklahoma City’s Murrah building was blown apart one quiet April morning. However, contrary to news reports, the persons found guilty and sentenced for the atrocity could not have been solely responsible

Scott Ritter Says US Plans June Attack on Iran

The former U.S. marine and U.N. weapons inspector, who became an outspoken critic of the invasion of Iraq, says that President Bush has approved plans for June attack on Iran

Researcher probes occult at Manitoba legislature

A Winnipeg professor says years of study have convinced him that the design of the Manitoba legislature is riddled with occult symbolism

Cancer Masons: A Cult of Death

There is a monopoly in the treatment of cancer in the United States, writes Tom Valentine. It is the Cancer Industry and at its core is an embodiment of evil; making billions from cancer treatments that don’t work while suppressing others that do

The 9/11 WTC Fires: Where’s the Inferno?

A 31 storey Madrid tower block was ablaze for 17 hrs and remained standing. Contrast that with the WTC towers, where photographic evidence indicates that the fires were far less extensive and nowhere near as hot as officially claimed

We Aren’t Fighting to Win Anymore

The day is gone when US forces were gunning for victory in Iraq, writes Andrew J. Bacevich. Now they are just trying to buy time

Iraqi Resistance Claims Entire US Column Wiped Out

Reports are coming in of a US military column being wiped out near the Iranian/Iraqi border

Attacking Our Memory

The drumbeat for an attack on Iran has already begun to pound. How long before those in the media and education wake up to their moral responsibility to protect our memory and the lives of human beings?

Pentagon Accused Of Lying About US Casualties

Puerto Rican medical facilities will start receiving wounded US soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, in an effort to prevent US facilities becoming overburdened

Voice of the White House February 14, 2005

If the Family Values types who elected Bush realized how morally corrupt this administration actually was, writes a White House insider, they would march on Washington with farm implements and torches