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Voice of the White House February 28, 2005

More revelations from an anonymous White House insider. This week: the general feeling in Russian, French and German diplomatic and political circles is that Bush is a menace to world peace and ought to be removed from office before he starts a major war

The Rockefeller Files Part 4

Part four of Gary Allen’s classic study of America’s foremost family of oligarchs

The Rockefeller Files Part 3

It might be more than 25-years-old but it’s still highly relevant. Part three of Gary Allen’s classic study of American oligarchs, the Rockefellers

The horror of Depleted Uranium is not limited to Iraq – it may well be at our doorsteps

Britain and America not only used DU in the most recent Iraq war, they dramatically increased its use – from a minimum of 320 tons in the previous war to at minimum of 1500 tons in this one

Lessons for Britain as Fearful Dutch Turn Their Backs on Multi-Cultural Society

Beneath the surface, Dutch society, once lauded as a model of liberalism and racial tolerance, is in crisis

Iraq’s real WMD crime

“Depleted uranium has a half life of 4.7 billion years – that means thousands upon thousands of Iraqi children will suffer for tens of thousands of years to come. This is what I call terrorism,” says Dr Ahmad Hardan

Nano-particles pinpointed

Christopher Bollyn explains how Depleted Uranium is a veritable ‘wormwood’: killing US troops and Iraqi civilians alike and leaving a deadly legacy in the land itself

DU – The Stuff of Nightmares

More than 1,000 tons of Depleted Uranium was reportedly fired during the invasion of Iraq, “reportedly” because UK/US authorities are being coy with figures. And no wonder: DU has been tied to Gulf War Syndrome, cancers and severe birth deformities

Jihad wrecks Dutch race harmony

When Theo van Gogh, a Dutch film maker who had often attacked radical Muslims, was murdered recently, it prompted some in Holland to rethink their faith in a multiracial society. This website comments

DU: Washington’s Secret Nuclear War

Depleted Uranium is being used widely in ‘War Against Terror’ but it leaves a terrible legacy. “Many children are born with no eyes, no limbs, or tumours protruding from their mouths and eyes”, says Dr Daud Miraki. Some are barely recognisable as human

Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets

“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam”

DU Syndrome Stricken Vets Denied Care

The Pentagon has embarked on a campaign of lies and concealment, in an effort to hide the dangers posed by Depleted Uranium and avoid paying medical costs for afflicted vets

Cancer Epidemic Caused by U.S. WMD

The “War on Terror” is taking it toll, not just on combatants and Iraqi civilians but on US service personnel, who are suffering chronic health problems, more than five times the rate of Viet Nam vets and four times the rate of Korean War vets

The Government’s War on Soldiers

Award winning journalist Rick Anderson, examines how the US Government is waging war on its own soldiers. Through a combination of Depleted Uranium, vaccines, medical cutbacks and official denial

Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs

This article is about how much radioactive uranium our guys, representing us, the citizens of the United States, let fly in Iraq. Turns out they used about 4,000,000 pounds of the stuff, give or take. That is a bunch

How America Nukes Its Own Troops

It’s been linked to cancer, Gulf War Syndrome and birth defects and the US has dumped 17 million tons of it in Iraq. Not only will it affect as yet unborn generations of Iraqis, but US troops too

A People Betrayed: The 10-year Holocaust in Iraq

John Pilger reports on the steady and ongoing genocide in Iraq that until recently the mainstream media have largely ignored

War with Iraq Means Cancer

British soldiers face a far more deadly legacy than bullets from Saddam’s army if they invade Iraq as part of an Allied attack on the country. Leading scientists are convinced that they – and eventually their families – will be exposed to cancer-causing agents that have killed tens of thousands of Iraqis in the last […]

Israel blames Syria for bombing

As expected the next stage in the ‘War on Terror’ is being prepared and almost on cue comes this BBC report. As always, seemingly ‘impartial’ and ‘balanced’, it points the blame for the recent Tel Aviv bombing at Syria

Next on the List?

What’s the next country in the “War on Terror’s’ hit list? Iran? Syria? Or, asks Xymphora, in an effort to restore America’s moral credibility, could it a small Public Relations job before the next big hit? Somewhere like Zimbabwe?