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Tidal Waves Death Toll Rises to 40,000

The death toll continues to rise as amid the devastation stories of survival emerge

Unwritten Rules One Must Follow to Publish on Indybay or Most Places in the United States:

The American press may claim to be ‘free’ and Indybay may profess to being ‘alternative’, but you have to follow certain rules if you want them to publish. Wendy Campbell explains

America’s ‘Diên Biên Phu’ Has Started in Iraq

As the fighting continues in Iraq, America’s supply lines become longer and thinner. Eventually they will be attacked and cut completely, starving the U.S. combat troops into surrender. To understand how this will happen, we need to travel back in time

Police Firing Squad Executes 50 Iraqi Traitors

While these collaborators were being shot on their way back from American training in the Kurdish area, the CIA was busily smuggling hostages out of Iraq for use as bargaining chips in the future, and arranging a little payback for a disobedient puppet

British Troops to Die for America in Latifiyah

The media never told you American forces suffered a staggering defeat south of Baghdad on October 9, and Wolfowitz is now demanding that Tony Blair send British troops into the same lethal Republican Guard killing grounds at Al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah

Western Oil Cartel Nuked in Taba Hilton

The Mossad and CIA have long used Taba as a convenient, neutral venue where they could plan covert ops against oil-rich nations. But theses agencies went a bit too far when they invited Yukos executives, in a bid to add Russia to their hit list

Second Giant Airbus Terminal Mysteriously “Collapses”

It’s superior in every respect to the Boeing 747 but don’t fly on the new European A 380 Airbus, due to enter service in late 2006. This was the clear message when the new French-designed A 380 terminal collapsed in Dubai, the 2nd such collapse in 6 month

Zionists Nuke The Australian Embassy in Indonesia

For the first time ever, this report shows a sub-surface micro nuke as it actually explodes in real time on security video. Because of the graphic content this page takes a while to load but remember, the camera cannot lie

Black Psyop at Russian School Controlled by Wall St.

Thanks to the Mistaravim psyop at Beslan school, most television viewers now believe Muslims are sub-humans who abduct, abuse, and deprive unarmed children of food and water, before callously raping and murdering them

Covert Iraq-Iran Alliance Prepares to Destroy Zion

Since 1989 Iraq and Iran have quietly amassed more than 300 block-2 Aérospatiale Matra Exocet and Chinese C.802 sea-skimming missiles. US carriers in the Gulf would be most vulnerable but whether they are attacked depends on the fate of Al Sadr and Najaf

Updated: Ryongchon – Nuclear Trigger for American Conscription

In case Americans in the western states were feeling ‘left out of danger’ by Ridge’s phony warning of attacks on New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC, Jane’s Defense has come to the rescue with a subtle warning of attacks on the West Coast too

Air Attack on U.S. Planned for October 2004

El AL’eda terrorists plan to attack America with several thousand dead on the East Coast, writes Joe Vialls – the man who first published details of the invasion of Iraq, 14 months before it happened!

Clueless 9-11 Commission Cheats American Public

The 9-11 Commission was meant to forever cement the fictional ‘Al Qaeda Terrorist Group’ to the events of 9/11. To grasp this deceit, writes Joe Vialls, you need only watch the video footage of the hijackers allegedly filmed at Dulles Airport

Air Attack on U.S. Planned for October 2004

According to Joe Vialls, who first warned of the Iraqi invasion, 14 months before it happened: El AL’eda terrorists plan to open “Fortress Americas” with several thousand dead on the American East Coast

Shaddam Shaddam’s New Vaudeville Scam!

As Iraq rapidly descends into total anarchy, a new Broadway comedy opens in Baghdad

Saddam’s Liberation of Iraq Has Begun

In the secret underworld beneath Baghdad and Mosul, Republican Guard counter-insurgency units prepare micro nukes and binary Sarin weapons

American Taxpayers Donate Oil To Iraq!

Unable to steal any of Iraq’s massive oil reserves since the invasion, Wall Street has trucked vast quantities of oil into Baghdad from five other countries at US taxpayers expense. Joe Vialls investigates

Zionists Murder Unarmed Policewoman: Updated

Experts finally prove London policewoman was assassinated by Zionists. Now watch the video, hear the audio and confirm it for yourself

El-Aleda Terrorists Strike Paris Airport Terminal

The Wall Street terror attack on Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, was designed to weaken support for European Aerospace & the “Super Jumbo” Airbus

UPDATED: American Perverts Pack Rape & Kill Iraqi Women

Much has been made of the sexual humiliation of the men incarcerated in Abu Ghraib Prison, writes Joe Vialls. But the abuse of female prisoners in Iraq has gone nearly unnoticed. And according to one female Iraqi lawyer it’s “…happening all across Iraq…”