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Vote Fraud Alleged

The disregard shown by the Democratic Party and the mainstream media for the serious questions and concerns about how private companies count our votes “smacks of complicity”

Fallujah women, children in mass grave

Residents of a village close to Fallujah have told Aljazeera that they helped bury the bodies of 73 women and children who were burned beyond recognition

Iran’s new alliance with China could cost U.S. leverage

A new alliance is emerging that could impact on future US foreign policy and signal the emergence of a new global power bloc

Resistance Fighters Hit American Base In Balad With Chemical Warheads

Reports are coming in that Iraqi resistance fighters have struck US troop concentrations near Fallujah with chemical weapons

Fallujah Video Has Congressman Calling For Reporter Ban

Fallujah Video Has Congressman Calling For Reporter Ban

The video of a marine shooting a wounded man in a Fallujah mosque has provoked outrage in congress and calls for the withdrawal of embedded correspondents from war zones

Iraqi Resistance Launched Chemical Attack On US Troops In Balad

Unconfirmed reports are coming in of an attack using chemical weapons and inflicting heavy losses

Powell ‘pushed out’ by Bush for seeking to rein in Israel

Reports are coming in that Colin Powell was given his marching orders, after expressing the desire to curb Israeli and neocon influence

Voice of the White House November 15, 2004

True to form, writes a White House insider, Bush let the hog into the kitchen garden again. He put Porter Goss, a nasty, arrogant man, in as DCI with orders to “weed out” any and all CIA agents who have been leaking negative information about him

Turkish Report Says “Israel” Is Expanding Role In Northern Iraq

Reports are coming in of a concerted drive by Israel to expand its presence into northern Iraq. An effort, say intelligence sources, which began even before the fall of Baghdad and which has gathered increasing momentum since

Fallujah in Pictures

Images from Fallujah that you probably won’t be seeing on your TV

Voice of the White House November 12, 2004

More dynamite disclosures from an anonymous White House insider. This week: the so-called ‘slaughter houses’ uncovered in Fallujah were not being used to kill Iraqis, but captured American soldiers

Mujahideen Hit US Governorate Building

Despite claims to have secured the city, US forces are still locked in combat in the south and centre of Fallujah

Spanish city to remove anti-Zionist sign

A Spanish city has been forced to remove signs expressing solidarity with Palestinians and calling Ariel Sharon’s supporter’s “The New Nazis”

Falluja fighters resist as clashes spread

Fighters in Falluja are continuing to hold out in the face of massive firepower US forces are unleashing to try and seize overall control of the city

Israel hand seen in Ivorian clash

France’s TF-1 television station reported Wednesday that: “Israeli mercenaries assisting the Ivory Coast army operated unmanned aircraft that aided the aerial bombing of a French base in the country on Nov.9,”

What price innocence in the anarchy of Iraq?

If anyone doubted the murderous nature of the insurgents, what better way to prove it than to produce evidence of Margaret Hassan’s murder? What more ruthless way could there be of demonstrating to the world that America was fighting “evil” in Iraq

Iraq: The Unthinkable as Normalcy

On 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld, having failed to act against those who had just attacked the US, told his aides to prepare an attack on Iraq when the evidence was non-existent. 18 months later, the invasion of Iraq, based on lies now documented, took place

US Losses In Fallujah to Overweight Victory: Expert

Washington will win the military battle in the western Iraqi city of Fallujah but its strategic looses will certainly outweigh such a victory, said a French strategic expert. Branding the US practices against the Fallujah residents as “state terrorism,” Pascal Boniface, Director of the Institute for International and Strategic Studies in Paris, expected the onslaught […]

Hassan’s Alleged Death: A Close Encounter Of The Intelligence Kind

Once again, when the Americans are in a hot spot, they turn to the Muslims as the scapegoat

Recount in Ohio a Sure Thing

President Bush’s election victory is about to come under closer scrutiny