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Precision-strike democracy

Bit by bit, Coalition forces are losing their grip on Iraq. As a result the only way you can now to get into Haifa Street, which is only 400 meters away from the Green Zone, the Coalition headquarters, is with tanks supported by helicopters

The Warlords of America

No matter who wins the forthcoming presidential election, writes John Pilger, the years ahead are shaping up to be some of the most dangerous in history

Witness says CIA oversaw abuse at Abu Ghraib

It wasn’t just a few “bad apples” that were responsible for the abuse at Abu Ghraib. A military police commander at the prison has now admitted that the CIA, the FBI and military intelligence were all involved in interrogations there

Is the Kidnapping of CARE’s Margaret Hassan a CIA-Mossad Op?

Margaret Hassan has been kidnapped but as yet, nobody knows who her abductors are. Could it be that her abduction is part of a counterinsurgency operation devised to make the resistance look bad and thus turn world opinion against it?

Silenced by the President

A new Amerika emerges in a small town in Oregon, as police confront locals protesting the arrival of the Presidential Motorcade

Bush’s New Anti-Semitism Law May Criminalize Thought

President Bush is preparing the way for an office to monitor ‘Anti-Semitism’. But will it open the way for offices to monitor “xenophobia,” “racism,” “white supremacy,” “homophobia,” and any number of other isms and phobias?

Vanunu: Dimona nuclear reactor to cause disaster

According to dissident Israeli scientist Mordechai Vanunu: “Israel and Jordan are on the edge of a human and ecological disaster that could have consequences all the way to Greece”

Voice of the White House October 11, 2004

More dynamite disclosures from a White House insider. This week: before the coming presidential elections, US and Israeli forces are planning to launch a strike deep within Iran!

The “Days of Penitence”: Gaza Sinks in a Sea of Blood

Life and death in Israeli occupied Palestine

Woman Charged In Swastika Graffiti Spree

Yet another “hate crime” turns out to be a hoax

An Engineered Excuse for Killing Iraqis

Last week, U.S. Military Intelligence report found that Abu Mus’ab Al Zarqawi wasn’t and has never been in Fallujah. However, the Bush administration and the U.S. media insist on spreading the lie that he’s hiding there in some secret location

George Bush’s Bulges

Does Bush have a device under his Jacket? Is it an earpiece/transmitter? You be the judge. Photo gallery of George W. Bush with his suspicious bulges

Ruckus at CNN Dinner Party

Journalists have become so deeply embedded in the machinary of control that they are incapable of seeing the bigger picture. Which is why, when Jon Stewart appeared on CNN recently, he caused such discomfort

Israeli cleared for shooting schoolgirl

The Israeli army has cleared a commander serving in the southern Gaza town of Rafah of any wrongdoing a few days after he riddled a Palestinian schoolgirl’s body with bullets

Pentagon Rewards Generals, Corporations Tied to Abu Ghraib Scandal

While a few low-level troops involved in the Abu Ghraib scandal are being prosecuted, the military is praising and rewarding generals and corporations in charge of people directly implicated in the heinous crimes

Amnesty International: A False Beacon?

For years it’s been rumoured that Amnesty International(AI) was a front, a puppet organisation used by the elite to further their own plans in the guise human rights campaigning. Paul de Rooij details curious inconsistencies in AI’s stance on key issues

France mulls ways to sanction Holocaust doubter

They say that victory confers the opportunity to write history of any conflict to the victors. Thus, it is now become an offence to even question the accepted version of WWII, especially the Holocaust

Israel and Racism: Inseparable Allies

The mainstream media continually confuses the oppressors in Palestine with the oppressed. Refering to most incidents there as clashes, as if there were two armies there, not an army of occupation trying to suppress a civilian population.

Blast Kills Ten in Baghdad’s Green Zone

Insurgents have penetrated Baghdad’s heavily guarded Green Zone and killed 10 people, including 4 Americans

Zarqawi Does Not Exist

Zarqawi Does Not Exist

So who is the real Zarqawi? Nobody has actually seen him for years now and to make matters worse, there may be more than one who calls himself Zarqawi