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“All our people are resisting”

As US forces prepare to launch a decisive strike on rebel stronghold of Fallujah, Iraqi resistance grows more confident

Israeli troops kill eight-year-old girl

Israeli forces have killed yet another Palestinian child in their efforts to restore “peace”. But these child killings by the Israeli army are becoming so frequent that you would almost think that they a deliberate tactic

The Killing of Iman al-Hams

Omar Barghouti looks at the case of 13-year-old Iman al-Hams, a refugee schoolgirl who was in effect executed by an Israeli army officer

“Jews, Israel and America”

Americans soldiers are now referred to as ‘Jews’ by Iraqi freedom fighters. Any guesses as to why?

Sinister twist to The Hague tale

Mystery and intrigue surround the regime of medication prescribed for former president Milosovic

Elections Office Says Situation Is ‘Odd’

The US election is still some days away but reports of voting irregularities are already coming in

Israelis Kill More Palestinian Children

An Israeli platoon commander has been suspended after emptying a magazine clip into a wounded 13-year-old Palestinian schoolgirl, while another 10-year-old Palestinian girl has died from wounds she received while sitting at her school desk!

‘Israeli troops shot schoolgirl 20 times’

The 13 year old Palestinian schoolgirl …”was peppered with bullets, in the head, chest, legs,”

How Your Child Is Brainwashed

A new study has revealed that television not only distracts young children, it can almost literally “rewire” their brains

West Side Protest of the ‘Nazi’ Next Door

Historical revisionist, Michael Santomauro takes some flack for his beliefs, but look who’s doing the shooting

Marines face new kind of fight in Iraq

“This is Vietnam,” said Cpl. Daniel Planalp, 21, of San Diego. “I don’t even know why we’re over here fighting. We’re fighting for survival”

Job Hunting Tips For The Angry White Man

In today’s world getting a job depends less on experience and qualification, more on lifestyle and sexual orientation. Ed Parker offers some advice

US Raids Computer Centers, Internet Cafes To Quell Resistance Reporting

In testimony to the growing power of the Internet, US occupation forces in Iraq have started raiding Internet cafes and computer centers, in an effort to block the free flow of information and ideas

Falluja insurgents say not holding Hassan

Iraqi resistance commanders in Fallujah say they are not holding Margret Hassan captive and have condemned her kidnapping

US Troops Duped By Innovative Ploy

The Iraqi resistance is becoming adept at luring American troops into traps, as this incident shows

Abu Ghraib team bids to run UK prisons

The Utah-based Management and Training Corporation, which ran the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, has set up a London headquarters and is in advanced negotiations to operate at least one prison in Britain

Seymour Hersh: The War in Iraq is Not Winnable

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of the Iraq quagmire and the war on terror

The Flickering Blue Parent

Television has largely usurped the role of parents, and there is very little they can do about it, says psychologist Kenneth Keniston, chairman of the Carnegie Council on Children,

Bid to Fuel Jewish, Arab Tensions on Campus

Someone has been trying to generate antagonism between the two communities.

Mordechai Levy: Noble Defender or Thug?

Mordechai Levy is the leader of the Jewish Defense Organization. He’s also a thug who uses violence to make his point: which is why he was recently convicted for kicking a young Jewish boy in the testicles at a Jewish Defense Organistion camp