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CNN Deliberately Downplays Anti-Bush Protests

Ted Turner’s old company underreported the size of New York protests, headlines it as a “clog” rather than a speech act

Israel to US: Now for Iran

Having succeeded in getting the United States to invade and occupy Iraq, Israel is now making efforts to instigate the Bush administration to deal with the “Iranian threat”

Where was Warren Buffett the morning of 9/11 and what was he doing?

Would you believe the worlds 2nd richest man was meeting executives from the World Trade Center at Offut Air Force Base, the very base that George W Bush would go to the same day, for ‘security reasons’? And that the coincidences don’t end there?

Controlling the News July 1 – 5, 2004

Memos from a renegade news executive at one of America’s major TV networks reveal rumours in the corridors of power, that Bush will declare a state of emergency, just before the elections

Controlling the News June 20 – 22, 2004

Memos from a renegade news executive at one of America’s major TV networks – the latest reveal that there is a growing oil crisis, one that will remain unseen and unheard until after the Presidential elections

Explosives Linked to Russian Crash

Investigators say they have found traces of explosives in the wreckage of one of two Russian planes that crashed within minutes of each other, killing scores of passengers

Real Nazis? Or Grown Men Playing Games?

Professor Boris on those who masquerade as Nazis and fake Furheurs. Who are they and what exactly are they up to?

Sound Familiar?

In what is becoming an increasingly frequent event, arsonists have struck a Jewish community centre in Paris. But French investigators are sceptical about the previously unknown group that claimed responsibility for the attack

Jewish Graves Vandalised in France

In what is becoming a familiar story, more Jewish graves have been vandalised, this time in Lyon. However the question the mainstream media fails to ask is: who is really behind the desecration and why?

Crop Circle

Crop Circle

National Geographic will be covering this in the coming weeks but you can read about it here first; as John J. Hawkins reports from the heart of crop circle country on the murkier side of the phenomenon

Attack May Never Have Happened

In what is becoming a recurrent syndrome in such cases, doubts are growing about an attack in Paris said to be motivated by “anti-Semitism”

Calif. Professor Charged with Hate Crime Hoax

Kerri Dunn (left), a professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College, east of Los Angeles, portrayed herself as a victim of racists angered by her message of tolerance. Now police have charged her with filing false police reports

Poll shows rising tide of anti-Semitism

On the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, a survey conducted among Europeans, found mounting anti-Semitism and growing hostility toward the state of Israel

Thousands Hit NYC Streets; Cheney Arrives

NEW YORK – Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched past the Madison Square Garden site of the Republican National Convention on Sunday, chanting, blowing whistles and carrying anti-war banners as delegates gathered to nominate President Bush for a second term. On the eve of the convention, the demonstrators packed the street from sidewalk to sidewalk […]

FBI probes Pentagon for Israeli spy

The FBI is reportedly investigating an analyst suspected of being a spy who passed secret documents about Iran to Tel Aviv

Darkness at the Edge of Town

The following article illustrates what happens when you herd different ethnic and racial groups together. On an individual level the effects may be minimal. This writer happens to come from a mixed race family. However there is a difference between when this happens to an individual and when this process takes place to a group […]

Mankind’s Unmentionable Secret

Like a hidden family secret, humanity’s real problem has become virtually unmentionable. All the more so as society’s moral bedrock is undermined and people are distracted with contrived threats of ‘terror’

The Warlords of America

Don’t be fooled. No matter what the media says or how it is portrayed, between the two candidates, George W. Bush may be the lesser of the two evils

The Money Masters

How the international bankers gained control of America. But their aim is not just the United States, using the US as a stepping-stone; the moneylenders are intent on establishing a worldwide tyranny

Edge of the City

“Explosive” was how one TV reviewer described it. In fact senior police officers considered it so incendiary that they asked Channel 4 to pull the program. But was their concern genuine? Or were they acting in response to orders from senior masons?