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Fever at the Top

In its own way it rivals the very worst excesses of ancient Rome. But beyond being an indication of moral decay it also reveals the true nature of Britain’s political elite

AIDS: The Myth and the Reality

“If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document.” Kary Mullis, Biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry It has all happened very, very quickly. Prior to 1978 the disease simply did not […]

Misunderstanding Iraq

Former UN weapons inspector and US Marine, Scott Ritter writes that Saddam’s people are winnning the war in Iraq

The New York Times and the threat to cancel the November election

When the Homeland Security Department requested a detailed analysis of the legal basis for postponing the November elections, elements in the ‘Free Press’ went out of the way to play the story down

Iraqis now endure the anarchy we call freedom

‘A better and safer place’ was how Tony Blair described Iraq recently. Robert Fisk travels across the country and finds a very different land, where the government rules only the capitol, Baghdad

Kiss Your Internet Good-bye.

Right now there is a media revolution going on. It’s called the Internet and it offers a medium of mass communication open to everyone, but for how much longer?

Blair’s Licence to Hoodwink

If we are living under a political system which cannot bring to book a prime minister who cons the electorate into supporting a war, asks Rowena Thursby, shouldn’t that system be changed?

Clinton’s mentor was Mao, Chinese readers are told

Former US President, Bill Clinton is the latest victim of Chinese publishing pirates, who counterfeit and rewrite entire books. The Mandarin version of his memoirs, My Life, describes Monica Lewinsky as “very fat. I can never trust my own judgement”

Bill calls for establishment of international court of anti-Semitic crimes

Calls are being made for a court to be established in Israel with the authority to try foreigners, organizations, companies and even foreign media bodies of anti-Semitic crimes

Iran ‘gave safe passage to 9/11 hijackers’

The 911 Commission is due to report its findings this coming Thursday. One key finding is that Teheran wanted to join Osama in attacks on the US and actively assisted the 911 hijackers. Thus lining up Iran as the next target in the “War on Terror”

France bars Sharon, cancels visit Monday

French President Jacques Chirac has informed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “he is not welcome” in Paris after he urged all French Jews to leave the country immediately

Israeli soldiers continue killing spree

While the western media looks the other way, Israeli forces have embarked on a series of incursions into West Bank villages; bulldozing houses, killing civilians and shooting a four-year-old child in the head

The “Quiet War” Against Humanity

Satan has a wager with God. Are we made in God’s image or not? In order to win, Satan needs to prove that we are nothing but dumb animals. And with the help of the elite owned media, he is doing just that. Are we going to let him win?

These people are treating us like idiots

The family of a military policeman killed on duty in Iraq today strongly criticised Tony Blair and branded the Butler report “another whitewash”

Rape of Iraqi girls by US mercenaries and soldiers was rampant in Baghdad

One victim was a 9 year old girl who suffered permanent vaginal injuries

Israeli Agents Believed Involved in Abu Ghraib

More reports surface of the involvement of Israelis at the now notorious Abu Ghraib prison

Who is Behind the Abuse at Abu Ghraib?

Who is Behind the Abuse at Abu Ghraib?

Despite renewed revelations of torture and humilation, the mainstream media has yet to ask the key question: who was really behind the obscenities at Abu Ghraib and why were they committed?

Israel Ready to Strike Iran

Israel has conducted military exercises for a pre-emptive strike against several of Iran’s nuclear power facilities and is ready to attack if Russia supplies Iran with rods for enriching uranium, Israeli officials told reporters. Israel has for a long time assumed the right of pre-emption. Pre-emption refers to the right to attack, and even make […]

David Kelly: A Murder Motive?

Rowena Thursby discovers a curious coincidence that may indicate the real reason behind Dr David Kelly’s untimely demise

Best Kept Secret in Washington: War Wounded

The situation in Iraq may be grim, but as Mike Blair reports, there is a hidden cost that may be far higher then previously assumed