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Baghdad is a city that reeks with the stench of the dead

Things are spiralling out of control under the Anglo-American occupation. Robert Fisk reports from a war-ravaged Iraq, where killing has become so routine that even the most tragic deaths are now no more than a footnote

Israel killed JFK,says Vanunu

In defiance of a ban on talking to the media and foreigners, Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, has made more sensational disclosures about Israeli involvement in JFK’s assassination plus the possiblity of an impending Chernobyl in Israel

The Grateful Dead Play At Bohemian Grove!

Occidental resident Mickey Hart will join fellow Grateful Dead member Bob Weir. The musicians, along with rocker Steve Miller, are part of an effort to bring a younger vibe to the grove, the Wall Street Journal reported

Charles Krauthammer: Strike before Iran’s nukes get hot

One of America’s foremost journalists, and a leading cheerleader for the neocons, is now calling for the opening of the next phase in the ‘War on Terror’

Dead Silence in the Brain

Mack White presents an illustrated account of the assassination of John Lennon and the political background to his murder

Israeli Interrogators 'in Iraq'

Israeli Interrogators ‘in Iraq’

In a measure of how the mainstream news media now lags behind the Internet, the BBC finally gets round to reporting an item we covered weeks ago

The Madrid Train Bombings: Plot Unravels

Spanish police continue to find evidence from the Madrid train bombings in March. But as they do, evidence mounts linking Spanish security services with the supposed terrorists, making the latest finds look like increasingly desperate plants

Resistance Radio

Are our leaders satanists and criminals? Asks Henry Makow Ph.D. as he considers what is emerging as the voice of resistance, Internet radio

Bush Signs New Biological Weapons Vaccine Law

President George Bush has just signed a new law that allows the US government to distribute vaccines before health authorities have tested and approved them

Angry Bush Walks Out on Media

President George Bush is reported to have had close ties to Enron executive Kenneth Lay, whom he nicknamed “Kenny Boy”. But when questioned about his former campaign benefactor at a press briefing a few days ago, Bush stormed out, clearly angry

New ‘Official’ Changes in the Auschwitz Story

From the end of World War II, authoritative claims about the character and scope of killings at the Auschwitz concentration camp have changed drastically. Since then, “official” estimates of the number of those who died there has been steadily declining

Orphans on Trial

Abandoned New York kids are force-fed experimental AIDS drugs at a Catholic children’s home, and the city authorities want it that way

Golden Triangle of Death

Professor Boris has his own take on the New Zealand passport fraud. And it involves not only murder, but pornography and snuff movies too

New Zealand Has Solid Evidence of Mossad Death Squads Killing Australian Tourists

Recently two suspected Mossad agents (left) were convicted in Auckland for the theft of New Zealand passports. However it emerges that this was only part of an operation, involving the murder of tourists in SE Asia and the theft of their identities

9/11 Traitors Absolve Themselves

Like the Warren Commission, the 911 Commission Report is a white wash. Even the chairman is a grandson of a J.P. Morgan investment banker who heads the Carnegie Corp. and is Director of a company that does business with the Bin Laden family

Gay Porn Star Services Bohemian Grove Members

Some of the goings-on at the Bohemian Grove are now starting to get coverage in the mainstream media

Voice of the White House July 15 & 16, 2004

The public would only believe how scary things are around here, writes a White House insider, if they could see Bush shuffling around, eyes glaring and mouth turned down to realize that his not-so-secret plans make Hitler look like Mother Teresa

''Keep a Watchful Eye on Russia's Military Technology''

”Keep a Watchful Eye on Russia’s Military Technology”

While the Russian military is portrayed as decayed and under-trained, writes Yevgeny Bendersky, it’s a mistake to take this for granted. Every part of the formula for Russia’s resurgence as a military powerhouse is still in place

Third Man in Passport Fraud was Israeli Diplomat

Third Man in Passport Fraud was Israeli Diplomat

It has been reported that two suspected Mossad agents who were convicted of passport fraud in New Zealand recently, were working under the command of a third man, an Israeli diplomat

Iraqi Woman Recalls Abu Ghraib Rape Ordeal

Nadia recounts her experiences while detained in Abu Ghraib. Where she was raped and sexually assaulted by US soldiers, women as well as men