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Kelly: ‘I’ll probably be found dead in the woods’

David Kelly, the government weapons expert, predicted that he would be “found dead in the woods” if Iraq was invaded, months before his apparent suicide

Gloves Off in Village that Wants Answers on Death

SOUTHMOOR is one of those English country villages which fits the description tranquil like a glove. Yesterday, the gloves were off. Prime Minister Tony Blair and Downing Street spokesman Alastair Campbell were top of the list of those who the villagers wanted to cross-examine over the death of one of their own – David Kelly, […]

Dr Kelly Warned of “Dark Actors Playing Games”

Shortly before his death, biological weapons expert Dr David Kelly, sounded ominous warnings

Weapons Expert at Centre of Row Found Dead

Weapons Expert at Centre of Row Found Dead

The man at the centre of the row over claims that Downing Street had ‘sexed up’ a report on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) has been found dead

Dr David Kelly, Sex Education and the BBC

We look at subtle disinformation techniques used by the mainstream media, and how they work

US Military Map Shows Regions of Global Command

. Is the “War on Terror” merely a cover for U.S. led global corporate elite’s campaign for world domination?

Mobile phones can cut a man’s fertility by a third

Despite the assurances of cell phone companies, recent research has revealed more grounds for concern

Iraqi Shiites Condemn ‘Filthy Infidel’ Terrorists

Leading Iraqi Shiites have spoken out and condemned Al Qaeda and those linked to the terror organisation

Diana Crash: New Twist

US, British Intelligence Blocked Diana Plan to Vacation in America Before Death

Other Nations Gaining on U.S. in Air Power

According to a top US Air Force general, America’s continued air superiority may soon be a thing of the past

The Deepening Darkness

U.S.-Israeli mercenaries are posing as al-Qaeda, writes John Kaminski, and they are behind the recent spate of beheadings

Stop RFID in its tracks before we’re all bugged

The prospect of a universal surveillance system looms ever closer with RFID. And it’s coming to a store near you, soon

Why I Burned My Israeli Military Papers

Josh Ruebner explains why he burnt his military deferral papers, the equivalent a draft card, in front of Israel’s Washington embassy earlier this year

Tenet’s Resignation Substantiates Allegations Of Assassination Plot

George Tenet’s resignation may have come as a surprise to some. But as early as last week, readers of one particular website knew what was looming, and that others might follow

Israel wants Iraq to pay compensation

Israel looks set to pursue a compensation claim on behalf of Jews who left Iraq over 50 years ago, despite no such similar consideration for Palestinian refugees

Dead in the Woods

Part detective story, part road movie, Dead in the Woods fuses investigative journalism, the Internet and cinema to discover the truth about the world known as the Bio-Weapons Mafia

Nicholas Berg Execution Video

Why was Nicholas Berg filmed wearing a standard orange overall, of the type worn by prisoners held in US military custody? Were his captors trying to taunt Americans? Or is there another, more obvious reason?

U.S. helicopter kills dozens in Iraqi wedding party, say reports

On the same day that Israeli helicopters fired on Palestinian protesters killing more than 20, US helicopters have hit a wedding party in Iraq, killing more than 40

Bilderberg Planning To Put the Squeeze on U.S. Taxpayers

This year’s forthcoming Bilderberg conference in the plush Italian resort of Stresa, will consider applying a little psychological pressure on Americans for more tax

Top Scientist Gives Backing to Astrology

After years of being dismissed as mere superstition, a top scientist has acknowleged that there maybe something in astrology after all