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Voice of the White House – May 31 to June 4, 2004

The latest reveal that, no matter what may be said to the contrary …“we are not going to get out of Iraq”

Voice of the White House May 24, 2004

After laying low to avoid detection, a reporter who regaled us with stories of life inside the White House has resurfaced. His latest report recounts truly outrageous goings on behind the walls at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The Coroner and David Kelly

Dismissing concerns of “conspiracy theorists”, coroner Nicholas Gardiner announced that he would not reopen the inquest into Dr David Kelly’s death. Renan Talieva takes a closer look at what some are calling a “legal charade”

The White House Responds!

Notes from a reporter with access to the White House and presidential press briefings, published here previously, have been answered by another — who also claims to be a White House “insider”

Controlling the News: Notes from Inside the White House

More revealing insights from a reporter with access to the White House and presidential press briefings

Notes from a White House insider

Memos from a renegade news executive at one of America’s major TV networks reveal an ominous reality behind the public façade of power. In the latest, a White House insider tells that George Bush is not the de facto US President, someone else is

Coroner rejects inquest into death of Dr. David Kelly

Despite growing evidence against suicide and arguments from doctors and various medical proffessionals that Dr Kelly did not take his own life, the coroner has ruled against an inquest into his death. Chris Marsden examines the court proceedings

Was Dr. Kelly Murdered?

It’s a question that a lot of people instinctively asked in the wake of Dr. Kelly untimely demise. Finally, months after his death, the mainstream media has echoed what a lot of people have long suspected

No Inquest for Dr. Kelly

Serious doubts remain over Dr Kelly’s “suicide”, despite the Hutton Inquiry’s verdict. Rowena Thursby examines more evidence overlooked by the inquiry that points, not to suicide, but murder

Kelly “Taken Out” By Assassination Team

A British National Security Lawyer with numerous contacts in intelligence on both sides of the Atlantic, has revealed what many have long suspected. Dr David Kelly was taken out by a trained assassination team

Why Suspicious?

The Hutton Inquiry may have announced its conclusions but the doubts remain. Rowena Thursby spells out one simple reason why Dr David Kelly’s death was not suicide, but murder

More Doctors Dispute Kelly ‘Suicide’ Verdict

‘Our criticism of the Hutton report is that its verdict of “suicide” is an inappropriate finding.’

Xymphora on the Hutton Report

We all knew it was going to be a lying cover-up but the British people are peasants, writes Xymphora. In no modern country would such an insulting report be issued without riots in the streets

More Doctors Dispute Dr. David Kelly’s “Suicide”

It should be a BIG story right now. Instead the mainstream media has virtually ignored the fact that some doctors are disputing the alleged suicide of Dr David Kelly, on hard, medical grounds

“Will the Hutton Report Tell Us How Dr David Kelly Died?”

On the eve of the publication of the report of the inquiry into Dr. David Kelly’s death, Rowena Thursby reveals that some medical professionals have doubts about his alleged “suicide”

The New Alchemy: Turning Murder into Suicide

When the slant put on the reporting of a case almost guarantees a suicide “verdict”, one has to wonder. Rowena Thursby casts a probing eye over the Hutton inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly

Request To Re-Open Inquest Into Dr. Kelly’s Death

Because of oversights and anomalies in the investigation, pressure is being brought to bear to reopen the inquest into the death of Dr. David Kelly

Dark Actors at the Scene of David Kelly’s Death

Rowena Thursby examines evidence presented to the Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly. And finds testimony that raises serious questions, but which is ignored by the media and glossed over by the Inquiry itself

The Murder of Dr David Kelly Part 1

Based on evidence presented to the Hutton Inquiry into the death of David Kelly, Jim Rarey argues that Dr Kelly did not commit suicide, but was in fact murdered

Former MI6 Agent: Kelly Murder was Sloppy Work

A former MI6 agent is said to have described Dr Kelly’s death as “Sloppy work.” While the heart monitor pads found on the dead man’s chest were “simply there to make sure he was dead.”