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Kerry Purple Heart Doc Speaks Out

Kerry Purple Heart Doc Speaks Out

This is what Purple Hearts are given for?

“En mi opinion el video es un fraude”

From various quarters, doubts have been expressed about the authenticity of the video showing Nick Berg’s killing

Beheading of Nicholas Berg: Unanswered Questions

Nick Berg’s death begs many questions. For example: was his execution part of a psy-ops (psychological warfare) designed to muddy the waters about the failed War on Iraq?

Rumsfeld Approved Iraq Interrogation Plan -Report

The rules governing the new interrogation techniques were simple. “Grab whom you must. Do what you want,” an unidentified former intelligence official has revealed

Nick Berg and the Mujahideen

Was Nick Berg killed because he was Jewish. Or is there more to his death than we are being told?

Anatomy of a Hoax

The IDF claim one of their armoured personnel carriers was destroyed, killing the six occupants. Next Palestinian resistance fighters hold a press conference where they display the mutilated limbs of the six IDF soldiers. There is just one problem

Welcome to Amerika!!

Now that we know more about what has been going on in the American torture system in Iraq, we can understand more about the case of Guantánamo chaplain Captain James Yee. Could Yee’s gagging order relate to the torture going on at Guantánamo Bay?

Democrats agree to suppress photos of US torture in Iraq

As yet more evidence of torture emerges from Iraq, Democrats are now working together with Republicans to help sheild the chief culprits in the White House

Israeli Moving Van Mystery Deepens

The mystery surrounding the high-speed chase and arrest of two Israelis deepened when it was revealed that one was the son of a spokesman for Ariel Sharon’s Likud party. However, the investigation was halted yesterday as they may now face deportation

Misperception Reflect Media Distortion

“As one who spent a lifetime in news work, I often am offended by the performance of today’s corporate “media,” but the treatment of this major story goes beyond almost anything we’ve seen yet for cowardice, self-censorship and malfeasance…”

Britons Allege Guantanamo Torture

LONDON (Reuters) – Relatives and supporters of Britons held at Guantanamo Bay are demanding answers to charges by two former detainees who said they were tortured by U.S. interrogators using shackles, dogs and loud music. Shafiq Rasul and Asif Iqbal, who were held in the U.S prison in Cuba for Taliban and terror suspects, wrote […]

Hizbollah Slams Beheading of American as Un-Islamic

Western media claims that Nick Berg was beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists. Yet one of Islam’s foremost resistance groups has condemned the killing, saying it helped divert attention from “inhumane practices against Iraqi detainees”

Beheaded on Camera

Nothing justifies the cruel fate of Nick Berg, the “Philadelphia businessman” and “civilian contractor”, executed by his Iraqi captors. However, all may not be what it seems. David Irving considers a couple of points overlooked by the mainstream media

America Reverts To Colonial Status

“Our entire system of thought control is working … ruthlessly, to ensure the adoption of the League”, Col. House (left) wrote in 1919. It was to be a stepping stone toward a New World Order with America ruled by a hidden, London based banking elite

A Recent Visit with Eustace Mullins

He worked for Joe McCarthy as a researcher, while Ezra Pound hired him to reseach the definitive history of the Fed. For 55 years, he’s been researching the very questions that most of us reading this have been asking in the wake of 911

130 Soldiers Killed in Iraq

A report just in, and still unconfirmed, indicates that US forces may have suffered heavy casualties in one particularly intense engagement

102-year-old Italian woman survives four-storey fall unscathed

ROME – A 102-year-old Italian woman survived unscathed a fall from the fourth floor of her Turin retirement home. Elisa Levi leaned over the railing of a fourth-storey balcony to observe repairs being made in the courtyard when she lost her balance and plunged to the ground, the La Stampa daily said Tuesday. Her fall […]

Amnesty Accuses British Troops of Killing Civilians

Problems continue to mount for Anglo-American forces in Iraq. Now Amnesty International has accused British soldiers of killing civilian, including an eight year old girl

Red Cross Was Told Iraq Abuse ‘Part of the Process’

The abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners was not confined to a few “isolated incidents”. Both were part of a systematic program

Vegas has new crime element: Israeli mob

Las Vegas has traditionally been Las Cosa Nostra territory, but not anymore. As Mafia influence has waned in the face of pressure from the law, a new type of racketeer has moved in