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Positive Spin for Migrants Sparks Row

Britain’s Home Secretary is about to oversee a new spin campaign, to win over an increasingly sceptical public on the issue of immigration

Security Scare Shuts Kings Bay

It is becoming an increasingly familiar story. In the latest example, Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base was locked down for security reasons Friday after two Israelis were detained for questioning

“How will it be done?” is heard in the Nicholas Berg decapitation video!

Tell tale signs in the video recording of Nicholas Berg’s alleged decapitation, provide further convincing evidence that the video is faked

“Someone with U.S. military cap seen in frame”

Evidence that the decapitation of Nicholas Berg may have been filmed inside the Abu Ghraib prison

Bush Installing Veteran Intriguer As Iraqi ‘Dictator’

John Dimitri Negroponte, will become US ambassador to Iraq on June 30; in effect, he will become America’s de facto governor-general. Christopher Bollyn traces the career of a man who is quintessentially an Anglo-American establishment man

Torture and Petroleum

It’s been virtually ignored by western media, but persistent reports from Iraq indicate a strong Israeli involvement in the imprisonment, interrogation, torture and rape of Iraqi prisoners. Kawther Salam reports

India Upside Down

Despite an election victory and widespread public support, Sonia Gandhi has stunned supporters by declining the post of India’s premier. Jon Rappoport ponders why

Two men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennessee

In an incident eerily reminiscent of the arrests and detention of Israelis around the time of 9/11, two Israelis with fake I.D.’s were arrested last weekend

US generals admit they are `on road to defeat’

Senior US officers in Iraq, have openly acknowledged a prospect that Washington’s Neocons would prefer to ignore

Israeli forces massacre protesters in Rafah

Crowd control Israeli style leaves more than 20 dead and many injured, as Israeli tanks and helicopters open fire on Palestinian civilians protesting recent Israeli incursions into Gaza

911 Plot Uncovered

Interviews, film and photos relating to the events of 911 and the subsequent cover-up

Shocking Details on Abuse of Reuters Staffers in Iraq

It’s not only suspected terrorists who are for interrogation in Iraq. Earlier this year Reuters staff were held in custody by US forces, interrogated and repeatedly brutalized

New Iraq Prison Photos Emerge

New Iraq Prison Photos Emerge

New pictures have emerged showing two US guards at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison posing with the body of a detainee who died in custody

End Self-Delusion

The United States is without a doubt the most self-deluded nation on Earth, writes Charley Reese, and that nest of liars who occupy Washington work full time to maintain the delusions

Hands off our food!

Biotech companies have invested billions into GMO products that nobody needs and nobody wants. George Bush is now using a legal dispute at the World Trade Organisation, to force through wider acceptance of GM foods. Make your objections known here

Israeli gunship fires on Palestinian demo

Crowd control, Israeli style, leaves ten dead and many wounded as an Israeli helicopter opens fire on protests against the Israeli army’s incursion into Rafah. Many are of the dead and wounded are children

Rafah Turns Into Killing Field

While the world is preoccupied with Iraq, Israeli forces have launched a major offensive in the Rafah refugee camp, killing at least 20

Israel’s bloody assault on Gaza continues

Israeli ocupation forces have killed at least 19 Palestinians in a prolonged military assault in the southern Gaza Strip

Trying to Shine the Light

We live in an increasingly bleak world where almost daily we are confronted with degradation. It’s all too easy to succumb to gloom; after all we are only human. But it’s up to us to shine a light and illuminate the shadows. That’s what we are here for

Meltdown in Iraq

Retired Gen. William E. Odom, currently director of the Hudson Institute, a pro-administration think-tank, says he has abandoned all hope for success in Iraq. “Continued U.S. troop presence is a losing proposition,” he says