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Tanks Sought to Protect Soldiers in Iraq

Tanks Sought to Protect Soldiers in Iraq

In an indication of the worsening situation in Iraq: the US Army is asking for more heavy armour to be deployed as jeep like Humvees prove increasingly vulnerable

Background on the Situation in Najaf

Pictured left: mercenaries and former Special Forces men in the employ of Blackwater Security, lie in wait atop a building in Najaf, prior to ambushing Iraqi civilian protesters earlier this month

Drugged US Troops Laughing In Battle

Eyewitness accounts filtering from Fallujah, paint an increasingly grim picture of street-to-street and house-to-house fighting. The latest reports speak of US troops being deliberately drugged before being sent into battle

A Golden Era Ends For A Secretive Dynasty

A Golden Era Ends For A Secretive Dynasty

It was recently announced that the Rothschild’s would withdraw from the gold market, a market that they have dominated for nearly two centuries; Paul Vallely looks back on their legacy

Scott Ritter Calls for Regime Change in Washington

Scott Ritter may be the Bush reelection team’s worse nightmare. The former UN chief weapons inspector in Iraq and card-carrying Republican is barnstorming America with a blunt message: George W. Bush’s war on Iraq was waged on a “bodyguard of lies.”

Blair and Friends Kick David Kelly’s Corpse

Kelly had clearly unleashed a truth larger than the man could survive. That is the inescapable reality, whether it turns out to be suicide or murder

Urban warfare: Is Iraq a rehearsal for US hoods?

Courtesy APFN

Time for a Change of Pace

It’s springtime! And with the coming of the springtime, Henry Makow Ph.D. has an important announcement to make

Coming Clean

Chemtrails are not the product of some ‘Conspiracy Theory’. They are real. We get the low down from an aircraft mechanic who has done his own investigating

Britain: Blunkett to legislate for “thought crimes” and guilt by association

Twenty years after 1984, the date for George Orwell’s dystopian vision, the British home secretary hopes to introduce a new category of imprisonable offence—“thought crime,” or guilt by association

A Warning to Those Who Dare to Criticize Israel in the Land of Free Speech

Former president of Ireland, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson has suggested – horror of horrors – that the ‘root cause of Arab-Israeli conflict is the occupation’

9/11: Bush Knew…or Did He?

The Bush Administration was expecting a hijacking around 9/11, writes Xymphora. But they never expected anything like the attack on the WTC. Hence Bush himself took fright and for a while, went AWOL in Air Force One

Iraq Boat Attack Kills Two U.S. Sailors

Suicide boat attacks blasted Iraqi oil terminals while in iraq itself, at least 7 US soldiers were killed this Saturday

First Confirmed Cases of Iraq War DU Exposure

In the aftermath of the Iraq invasion, an old problem reappears. A number of New York guardsmen, suffering from unexplained illnesses, have been diagnosed with radiation contamination, most likely caused by Depleted Uranium

The Return of Vanunu

Vanunu Mordechai was released yesterday after 18 years in prison, 11 in solitary. He stepped straight into a storm of controversy, according to Israel Shamir, by questioning Israel’s very right to exist

Lucifer and the Cult of Freedom

“Freedom” and “Liberty” are held as ideals, often without question. But are they really all they seem? Or as David Livingstone argues, are they ruse in a much darker design?

McDonald’s becomes latest victim of the “Kosher Nostra Scam”

Unwittingly, US consumers are paying extra for such products as bottled spring water, plastic sandwich bags and thousands of other items. The reason? Kosher laws have been “stretched” to maximise profits, with the non-Jewish community paying the price

"101 Things to Do Before the Revolution"

“101 Things to Do Before the Revolution”

Think that you can’t make a difference? Wrong. You can. Rod Jone has a few suggestions on what you can do and, believe it or not, they can be fun too

Former Israeli Cabinet Minister Arrested For Drug Smuggling

Former Israeli energy minister Gonen Segev, pictured left, has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling 25,000 Ecstasy tablets into Israel

Ice Maiden triggers mother of all disputes in Siberia

In the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia, the mummified remains of a 2,500-year-old princess unearthed by archaeologists, have locals up in arms. Encouraged on by local shamans, they want her reburied to avert disaster