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The Next President of the United States will be an initiate of the Order of the Skull and Bones

“The gaunt, naked initiate, John Kerry, was lifted out of the coffin and his blindfold removed. As he blinked his eyes and gazed about the room, he was shocked at the scene”. Texe Marrs on John Kerry’s shadowy past

The John Kerry Experience

He’s got the “right stuff”. Or has he? A former Air Force pilot recounts his experience of Sen. John Kerry while ferrying him around South East Asia

The New Evil Empire

America was once known as the land of the free but not anymore. Instead of standing as a beacon of liberty, the rest of the world is now begining to see the U.S. as something altogether more sinister

The Hitler Test

Take the test and see how you score. You might be surprised at the results and what they signify

Poland ‘Misled’ on Iraq, President Says

Problems continue to mount for the American led coalition as Poland now admits that it was ‘misled’ over Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

‘We were collaborators, the caller said, and we would be punished’

Nearly 60% of Iraqis believe that life is better now than under Saddam — so says a poll given much prominence by the BBC. However, what they don’t tell you is that the same poll found 20% of Iraqis felt attacks against the Coalition were justified

The Global Anti-War Movement and the Beast

It is not enough to simply pull Spanish troops from Iraq, argues Les Blough. They can easily be replaced by the corporate Global Empire, just as the Roman and British empires were upheld by troops from other lands subjected by Britain and Rome

Americans are Rothschild Proxies in Iraq

Who or what exactly are Coalition forces fighting and dying for in Iraq? Henry Makow Ph.D asks: are they really dying for democracy? Or are they the sacrificial offerings in a much darker design

The Real Omen

In the 19th century, Russian philosopher and poet Vladimir Solovyov wrote a tale entitled ‘Short story of the Antichrist’. Although fictional, it may have greater significance than is apparent. Sevak Gulbekian reflects on the implications

Iraq, One Year On

A year after the invasion of Iraq and Robert Fisk reflects on the consequences of the allied adventure. His acclaimed reports expose the daily and often overlooked dramas that followed

Diana Confronted ‘Other Woman’ at Party

In the latest episode of Princess Diana’s taped revelations, broadcast the other night, she recalls confronting her rival for Charles’s love. And on doing so, how Charles and one of his male friends quickly left the room like “chickens with no heads”

Executive Outcomes ties lead to London and Bush

Africa has become the testing ground for a new type of warfare, where national armies are replaced by corporate sponsored warlords. An earlier Executive Intelligence report details its origins under the auspices of Transnationals and the British Crown

New book reopens old arguments about slave raids on Europe

In a new twist in the debate over slavery, a US scholar has ignited controversy with claims that more than 1 million Europeans were captured by African pirates

173 Killed in Bomb Blasts in Madrid

A total of thirteen bombs at 4 locations in Madrid have claimed more than 170 lives in what some are already calling “Spain’s own 911″

The French Malaise

Many people in France and elsewhere believe in their heart of hearts that it is the Jewish power that brought American tanks to Baghdad, and can bring them to Paris, if necessary

Israeli Nuclear Policies Threaten World Peace

A worldwide nuclear conflagration is an integral part of Israel’s defence strategy, the American Free Press reports. Should the need arise the Mideast mini state is ready to consign themselves, and the rest of humanity, to a nuclear holocaust

Deja Vu

Newly trained Iraqi recruits are being put in the firing line while US troops are retreating to the safety of barracks

300 words That Make CIA, FBI, and NSA to Look at Your Site

The idea here is that if lots of people add suspicious words to their messages, the world’s intel agencies will be too busy with spurious input that they will have to give up reading it all

At War in Africa

Just in case you thought colonialism had come to an end in Africa, think again, it has simply changed its name. In a sense the leopard has changed its spots. Instead of being ruled by the former colonial powers Africa is now effectively owned and controlled by the Transnational corporations; in much the same way […]

Who You Gonna Believe?

Aristide says he was kidnapped. The Americans say he wasn’t. Who you gonna believe?