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Catholic Realism

I wanted to like The Passion, and greatly anticipated seeing it, writes Sevak Gulbekian. In the event though I was left with very mixed feelings.

Villagers in Madhya Pradesh face mysterious enemy

The inhabitants of a village in India are facing the inexplicable from an unseen and a mysterious force

Freed ‘Terrorists’ Recount Horrors Of US Concentration Camp in Cuba

More Allegations of Torture and Bizarre Ill-Treatment at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba

The Armageddon Plan

During the 1980’s Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld both went through their paces in one of the most highly classified programs of the Reagan administration. It might have been forgotten but on September 11th, 2001, it suddenly kicked into gear

Why this website is Pro-gun

England now has twice as many homicides with firearms as it did before enforcing stringent gun control. Yet its politicians have responded by further restricting firearms. Is this the answer? Or are they simply trying to disarm the law abiding?

The White House Press Corpse

No, that is not a misspelling; the word really is corpse and it is a reflection of the moral depths to which modern political power has now sunk

Japanese Substitute Inventiveness for Immigration

New York Times reporter James Brooke was recently shocked, shocked to discover that the Japanese people’s famous fascination with robots and automation stems from their “xenophobia”

Who’s in Room 106?

US troops raid a hotel in downtown Baghdad, looking for the occupant of Room 106. Robert Fisk is there waiting for them

How to Destroy America

It is happening right now and it plays right into the hands of the global elite.

It is a Bonesman Who Will Win the Next US Elections

They may lead two different parties, but they were both members of Yale’s secretive Skull and Bones society. And vows made when joining the order, take precedence over all other subsequent oaths — including the presidential oath of office

Hitler Didn’t Want World War

Hitler did not want war with Britain and America, writes Henry Makow Ph.D. But it suited the Illuminati: hence Hitler was assisted by Wall street in preparation for WWII. Instrumental in this was one Prescott Bush, President George W’s grandfather

Spain’s “Terrorists” Not Devout Muslims

The Islamic world now has its own Lee Harvey Oswald. It appears that Jamal Zougam was set up to take the blame for recent terrorist atrocities in Spain. But this man is no fanatical Muslim fundamentalist, just a petty criminal out for easy money

The life and unexplained death of an old terrorist

Mohamed Aboul Abbas, the ‘Achille Lauro’ planner, said he never intended passengers to be held hostage or anyone to be killed, and apologised for it. The US and Israel allowed him back to Gaza. So why was he in a US prison in Iraq?

Journalists find many ways to kill truth in Iraq

Truth is the first casualty in war. Here are two glaring examples, one of which could be the biggest story of the entire conflict. So why, asks Ira Chernus, have we heard nothing about it?

Killing Of Sheikh Yassin

The Israelis may argue that the ‘targeted assassination’ of Sheikh Yassin was justified. But his killing may yet open a whole new chapter in the unfolding horror of the Israeli occupation

The Crime Committed in Our Name

Saddam Hussien’s WMD were a hollow threat that the Anglo-American leadership cynically exploited. According to one senior CIA analyst: “It was 95 per cent charade. And they all knew it: Bush, Blair, Howard.”

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was one of the most influential thinkers of the last century. Yet as David McCalden reveals, he was also one of the most disturbed and his theories on psycho analysis were a product of his own neurosis

Xymphora on the Killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin

The murder of Sheik Ahmed Yassin has been greeted with all the predictable condemnations by all the leaders of the world (except of course for the Americans, who no doubt approved it, and may have even ordered it). I don’t want to defend the guy, but compared to what’s coming (1), Sheik Ahmed Yassin was […]

As One Door Closes … Another Opens

No intelligent person is going to be content with the reassurance of one man – an establishment man – who tells us that he is “satisfied” that Dr. Kelly commited suicide. Especially when so much evidence goes against this conclusion

Guerrilla of the Week

While no other flights were allowed from the US after 911, the White House sanctioned a series of flights ferrying out the bin Laden family and known associates of Al-Qaeda. In other words, it aided the escape of those who may have been involved in 911