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The firmness behind ‘The Passion’

Gibson’s cinematic vision of “The Passion of the Christ” has frightened America’s cultural elite. Not because it is “anti-Semitic” as some have suggested, but because it has the power to rekindle genuine spiritual enthusiasm – an anathema for Hollywood

Beirut has moved on but the scars of war remain

Robert Fisk reflects on events in Beirut fifteen years ago, and their legacy today

Not a Shred of Evidence

Before the Iraq invasion they were everywhere – stories of Saddam Hussein using industrial shredders to kill his enemies, even a Labour MP touted these tales. Now, likes Iraq’s WMD, the shredders are nowhere to be found

Germany Tipped U.S. on Hijacker in ’99

In March 1999, German intelligence officials gave the CIA the first name and telephone number of Marwan al-Shehhi, who was later to be named as one of the September 11 hijackers

Climate Change Will Destroy Us

A secret report has just been presented to George Bush. It outlines a frightening scenario, more serious than Bin Laden or the alleged Iraqi WMDs

No End to War

Richard Perle’s reputation does not survive a reading of his latest book, writes Pat Buchanan. On putting it down the thought occurs: the neocons moment may be over. They are not only losing their hold on power, they are losing their grip on reality

The Harold Rosenthal Interview

The Harold Rosenthal Interview

Henry Makow Ph.D. examines what must surely be one of the most intriguing – and explosive – interviews of the past hundred years

ADL Asks Vatican to Condemn ‘The Passion’

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, has met with Vatican officials claiming Mel Gibson’s latest movie is “is an attack on Christian teaching…”

Why Mel Owes One To The Jews

“I consider it crucially important for Christians to know that not all Jews are in agreement with their self-appointed spokesmen” – Rabbi Daniel Lapin on Mel Gibson’s The Passion and the controversy around it

A Powerful Journey, An Essential Dream

The pro-Israeli lobby has a lock on the US presidency, whoever wins. John Kerry is as pro-Zionist as they come, as the following written by the man himself, reveals

Israeli Suspected of Selling Nukes to India and Pakistan

It is not only rogue states and terrorists who are helping the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Businessmen from America’s closest ally are also involved

Wounded U.S. Soldiers Maltreated

Not only are US casualties in Iraq being under reported but, writes Freddy Sweet, the wounded also are being mistreated, neglected and hidden away. According to one US officer they were “being treated like dogs”

More on George and Drugs

I suspect the military contractors who own the journalists have decided they can make as much money off a reign of Kerry. It is time for the adventures of George Bush in the 1970’s to be revealed

Yes, Minister!

Prime Minister Tony Blair told his people that Saddam could use WMD against British cities within 45 minutes. Was this just bad Intelligence? Or was he just lying? Uri Avnery considers the case

A Cynical Manipulation

Following President Bush’s hour-long interview with NBC’s Tim Russert, we can now state conclusively that President Bush deliberately misled the American people and continues to do so

The Fantasy of Democracy in an Arab State

Arab states are largely squalid, corrupt, brutal dictatorships. No surprise there. We created most of these dictators

The Ancestor of the Iran/Contra Scandal

Whatever happened in Texas may have given both the Saudi Royal Family and its American friends quite a hold over young George Bush, a hold which may even have influenced his failure to heed all the warnings about 9-11

Was the Forensic Pathologist Trying to Tell Us Something?

He may have been under pressure, but was he hinting at something? Rowena Thursby and Jim Rarey examine evidence given at the Hutton inquiry that may hint at more than the official verdict

At What Price the Bush Wars?

Despite never having served in Vietnam, George Bush seems to have learned one lesson from the war. Les Blough examines the way deceit is being used to sustain the “War on Terror”, and the price being paid

Chinese Scientists to Head for Suspected ET Relics

A group of nine Chinese scientists will go to west China’s Qinghai Province this month to closely examine the relics thought by some to have been left by extraterrestrial beings