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Pentagon Prepares for Next War

In the next few months over 250,000 US troops will leave or arrive in Iraq. The rotation will allow 6 battle experienced combat divisions to rest, refit, and be combat-ready again as early as September

Is Radical Feminism a Socialist Front?

About 15 years ago, it became clear that feminism had lost its moral compass. Now, writes Carey Roberts, it has become a parody of the very ideals it claims to promote

Operating America From a Bingo Hall

Believe it or not, some little old lady in Miami is marking a bingo card and changing the history of the world. Ahmed Amr explains precisely how

Fortress Americas, Part 2

According to Joe Vialls, the entire American continent, from Inuvik in northern Canada to the southern tip of Tierra Del Fuego, is to be invaded and captured for Zionist use, with the cabal exercising central command and control from New York City

Six US Troops Killed in Iraq

Six US Troops Killed in Iraq

Associated Press reports that a total of six US troops were killed in Iraq today, in two seperate engagments

Diamonds are one cow’s meal ticket to stardom in India

A diamond trader in western India has been desperately sifting through cow dung, after a cow munched through a packet of his diamonds worth 45,000 rupees

Powell: Possible Iraq Had No Banned Arms

The Bush administration is fighting a rear guard action over its claims about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Now Colin Powell has been forced to admit that Iraq may never had any WMD’s

”Diagnosing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler”

Israeli historian Benny Morris crossed a new line of shame when he put his academic credentials and respectability in the service of outlining the “moral” justification for a future genocide against Palestinians

Gibson`s Christ wows Christians and vexes Jews

The controversy that has followed Mel Gibson’s film about the death of Christ could grow, the filmmaker says, when the film is released in February

Israel Versus Free Speech

In vandalizing a Stockholm art exhibit, writes Justin Raimondo, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden showed the true face of his government

Privacy Row in the Skies

The Bush administration is moving ahead with plans to introduce the largest surveillance system ever used on civilian populations.

Top Israeli General Warns Sharon

Israel’s former head of military intelligence, Major-General Shlomo Gazit, has warned Ariel Sharon to stop preparing for a “short, sharp offensive against Syria”

Ariel Sharon’s Secret Plan to Remove Palestinians from Israel

Leaks from various intelligence sources, suggest that Ariel Sharon is contemplating ethnic cleansing on an unprecedented scale

British MP Sacked for Pro-Palestinian Remarks

The British Member of Parliament who stirred controversy this week over her comments, has been removed from her front bench position

Global Eye – Royal Flush

It’s crony capitalism at its finest: The American people shoulder the financial risk, the US military serves as company muscle; all Halliburton has to do is sit back and rake in the dough

‘Jewish lobby’ is an anti-Semitic term, says US diplomat

A senior US diplomat in London has taken exception to references to Washington’s “Jewish Lobby”

Border Patrol Agents Slam Alien Amnesty

Illegal immigrants are a problem on both sides of the Atlantic. But the harshest criticism of Bush’s policy on illegal aliens comes from his own border patrols

U.S. Eyes Space As Possible Battleground

George Bush’s plans for further space exploration may be driven by more than scientific curiosity. Desire for military supremacy may be one reason. Huge potential energy reserves on the Moon, estimated to supply fuel for a 1000 years, may be another

Red Planet Profits

They made big profits in the former Yugoslavia. They made even more in the wake of the recent Iraq invasion. Now in the week that Bush announced new missions to Mars, the company once headed by Dick Cheney is set to make even bigger profits there

No Exit

“Now I realize that everyone’s a shit in this game. There are no good guys and bad guys. Maybe they’re a little more oppressed, but everyone’s a shit”. Israeli soldiers talk to journalist Uri Blau about action in the occupied territories