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Spooky Mystery at Bergen Museum

Ancient Egyptian figures are causing unease at a museum in Bergen. Professor Henrik von Achen says colleagues don’t like working there at night

Capturing Saddam Won’t End War

The man behind the resistance in Iraq, which is now claiming so many lives, was not Saddam Hussein. And his capture will not end it


He is at it again, and again it is working. He is launching colourful balloons, and the whole world is looking on with rapture and wonderment

Albright Thinks Bush Hiding bin Laden

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Allbright told reporters she thinks President Bush knows exactly where bin Laden is. He is simply waiting for the most politically expedient time to announce his capture (like just before the elections maybe?)

World Conned as US Grabs Iraq Santa

Whatever happened to Saddam Hussein’s legendary doubles? Ever wondered why none were ever reported captured?

Lead Iraq Weapons Seeker ‘To Quit’

After finding nothing, the man leading the search for Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction is sadi to be planning to quit. A move interpreted by analysts as signalling the end of the search for WMD’s

Twenty Years Too Late

Robert Fisk asks: Was this really the man with whom I shook hands almost a quarter of a century ago?

Diana’s Death Likened to MI6 Plot

The Court of Session in Edinburgh heard today that there were “substantial grounds” for fearing that the British security services were implicated in Princess Diana’s death

A Net of Control

How the Internet could become a tool of corporate and government power, based on updates now in the works

2003: The End of Democracy?

Slowly and almost imperceptibly, the ideal of a free democratic society is being replaced by an illusion, sustained by lies and systematic media deceit

Nigerian Herbalist Shot Dead as Anti-Bullet Charm Fails

LAGOS (AFP) – A traditional doctor in central Nigeria has been shot dead by a patient who was testing the potency of an anti-bullet charm the herbalist had prepared for him, police told AFP. Ashi Terfa died when patient Umaa Akor fired a gun at his head two weeks ago in south-central Benue state, police […]

Saddam Bound

Hussein’s capture will not bring peace to Iraq and the Middle East, writes Israel Shamir. Most probably, it will be used to jump-start the new round of war in the troubled area.

Protocols Forgery Argument is Flawed

Protocols Forgery Argument is Flawed

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is probably one of the world’s most widely read books. But it has been denounced as a forgery. Henry Makow Ph.D. examines the evidence

Fortress Americas, Part 1

David Ben Gurion had his eye on more than just Palestine in 1948 when he was looking for the Promised Land. He envisaged that the ‘one true Zion’ would be situated in terms of raw power and wealth and not where Israel is currently located

Murder Inc.

The truth is that war and occupation are a dirty business, and they contaminate everything and everybody involved. There are no good wars, and there are no good guys on either side. All you have are degrees of evil

Saddam Hussein arrested in Iraq

Saddam Hussein arrested in Iraq

The BBC has reported that US forces claim to have captured Saddam Hussein. Or have they?

‘We can implant entirely false memories’

You were abducted by aliens, weren’t you? Or maybe you remember killing two little girls called Holly and Jessica. Laura Spinney on the creation of false memories

Malaysian Villagers Claim Sighting of UFO

KUALA LUMPUR, – An unidentified flying object was sighted hovering over a quiet village in northern Kedah state near the Thai border, the second such sighting there in two years, a report says. A nine-year-old boy saw a slow-moving disc-like object about the size of a car emitting a greenish light spinning in the air […]

Resurgent Taleban

“They were never defeated,” says the head of an organisation which monitors the security situation for aid organisations. “They tactically withdrew, regrouped, recruited, retrained and re-equipped.” And now they are back, with a vengeance

Moving Targets

As casualties mount in Iraq, Seymour Hersh writes that US Special Forces are about to try new tactics, with a little help from the Israelis