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His New Career

Extreme Zionists have been called Zionazis but this may be more than mere name-calling. As Israel Shamir explains, some are now using Adolf Hitler’s very words to further their own cause

Hold on to your humanity

I am a retired veteran of the army, and my own son is among you, a paratrooper like I was. The changes that are happening to you are changes I know very well. So I’m going to say some things to you in the language to which you are accustomed

25 Killed in Explosions in Istanbul

Blasts ripped through Istanbul thursday, after explosive laden pick up trucks detonated near the British consulate and the high rise offices of the London based HSBC

Twilight Zone / For the pilots’ information (2)

Attached to a respirator and unable to move for the rest of his life – Abu-Shmaleh lies in intensive care. He has lost his voice and occassionally tears well up in his eyes, but he cannot cry because of tubes in his throat

The Truth Behind the US’s ‘Iron Fist’

The 3rd Infantry Division of the US Army’s 18th Airborne Corps was one of the main combat units in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Recently an assessment of its performance was released, notable for its frankness

Barbarians Get Sophisticated

Recent archaeological finds in Germany have provoked a dramatic rethink of the Bronze Age and inspired headlines like: “Culture of the Star Wizards”

Seven million died in the ‘forgotten’ holocaust

The Holocaust is not unique to the Jews. Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Estonians and Poles have all suffered a similar experience. Eric Margolis casts his eye on some of history’s forgotten victims

Even before the towers fell, conspiracy theories were spreading around the world

Robert Fisk ponders some of the conspiracy theories spawned by the events of 9/11

Black Hawks Down

In less than four weeks the US lost six helicopters in Iraq – most of them brought down with RPG rocket launchers. Vennik examines the implications

Vladimir Putin hammers the final nail into Israel’s coffin

Joe Vialls lifts the lid on the skulduggery behind Israel’s oil theft network, and the recent scandals surrounding Russia’s Yukos

Terrorism, Violent Protests May Mar Bush’s London Visit

Whether it be terrorism or massive, violent protests, President Bush’s highly anticipated visit to London in mid-November is expected to be newsy

Facility 1391: Israel’s Guatanamo

It has been removed from maps and airbrushed from aerial photographs. But Facility 1391 certainly exists – you just have to ask the Palestinians and Lebanese who have been imprisoned and tortured there

Bush Visit to UK

He may not realise yet, but George W. Bush’s trip to London has the makings of an unprecedented public relations disaster

Prime Time Disinformation

Prime Time Disinformation

The show trial of Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr has begun in earnest. But as we reveal, BBC Online has engaged in some real news coverage. Literally: obscuring vital evidence

Hi tech takes boredom out of mating rituals, networking

What better way to overcome suspicion over microchip implants, than with the promise of new friends and lovers?

Uncensored Gore

The take-no-prisoners social critic skewers Bush, Ashcroft and the whole damn lot of us for letting despots rule

In Remembrance of the September 11th Dead!

The world is under siege by a European hierarchy of banking families, at the top largely Jewish, the money changers and money lenders of history. They are already the richest people on earth but it is not enough. They have a Faustian Grand Plan

Hitler and the IRA

It has been revealed that Hitler planned to use the IRA to help him invade Ireland. However the plan fell through after it was found that, among other things, the organisation was led by a drunk

Veterans recall the Palestine Regiment

The extraordinary story of an Arab and a Jew who fought side by side against Hitler, and then twice fought each other as enemy combatants – in 1948 and 1967 – and of how, in their declining years, they became friends

The Soul Hypothesis

The actual brain can be measured and mapped. But the mind, the part of you that actually thinks is something else again. And now some scientists are considering a scientific investigation of the soul