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US soldiers losing fight to keep up morale

Since Bush declared major combat operations over in Iraq, more than 100 US servicemen have been killed. But now, as James Hider reports from Baghdad, on the day that another 4 US soldiers are killed, morale among US servicemen in Iraq is at rock bottom

“51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis”

A new book reveals sensational documents, never published before, which detail extensive cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionists. Including how SS-Hptscharf. Adolf Eichmann, had visited Palestine, in October, 1937, as the guest of the Zionists

Five to Midnight

It’s possible that in its last throes, Israel will make true its threat vocalised by Prof van Crefeld of Hebrew University and ‘go down by taking the world along’, for Israeli nuclear weapons are trained at European capitals, as well as on its neighbours

Is Cancer Merely Vitamin Deficiency?

Pharmaceutical giants make billions out of illnesses. So it is in the interest of their profits that genuine cures for diseases are never found, or at least suppressed. Could this why we have heard so little about Vitamin B17 Laetrile Cancer Treatment?

Lucifer is the Secret God of Secular Society

The world is a contest for our souls. The people who are pushing products, violence and sex are not operating on a random basis. They have Masonic symbols in their logos. The top players are following an occult script designed to enslave us, body and soul

'Ghettopoly' is what happens when hip-hop is celebrated

‘Ghettopoly’ is what happens when hip-hop is celebrated

Black community leaders are outraged over the Ghettopoly game. But Mary Mitchell asks: why the outrage when black rap stars promoted the very same stereotypes … without protest?

“Bush Has To Go”

It’s already been decided by the corporate chieftans who run Amerika: George W. Bush has become a liability, his “goose is cooked”

Industry Experts Can’t Explain Photo Evidence

Industry Experts Can’t Explain Photo Evidence

Since photos of the Pentagon 911 crash were first published, writes Christopher Bollyn, there has been a great deal of interest in them …and disinfo

GM crops set to make Sainsbury millions

Tony Blair has been an enthusiastic advocate of Genetic Modification. Now it has been revealed that his science minister, Lord Sainsbury (left), stands to make millions from his investments in firms researching GM. Pure coincidence, of course

Suspected Penis Snatcher Beaten to Death

No really, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Reuters reported yesterday that a suspected penis thief had been apprehended and beaten to death

Cheney, Rumsfeld Help Coverup CIA Scientist’s Murder

Documents recently uncovered, reveal that Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld were involved in the cover-up of a murder, nearly fifty years ago

The Awakening of Liberal England

Not before time, it is beginning to dawn on many that they helped install a leader who is a bloody warmonger. In less than five years, Blair has embarked on 4 military campaigns, against countries that posed no real threat to Britain

When at a Loss, Escalate

Israel’s targeted assassinations only seems to provoke more Palestinian attacks. But that may be the intention; the Israeli army is better equipped for all out war, and with the current escalation of conflict, they may well get it

Paedophiles in Very High Places

Maxine Carr and Ian Huntley were detained with very little evidence to convict either. The real reason for their arrest was that Tony Blair was terrified of a scandal involving US servicemen passing through Britain, on the eve of the “War on Terror”

Israelis vs Arabs: Who are the Real Terrorists?

Hal Turner looks at some Israeli atrocities and asks: If your loved ones were brutalised like this, would you fight back? And be warned: this web page contains some extremely graphic images. DEFINITELY NOT for the sensitive

Calls From Soldiers Desperate to Leave Iraq Flood Hotline

The New York Post reports that morale is near rock bottom, and some are so desperate, that a few GI’s are even considering shooting themselves to get out of Iraq

The lies about the reason for invading Iraq

Whatever the spin, the fact of the matter is that now there’s conclusive proof that both US President George W Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair lied about the reason for invading Iraq

Israel and US Develop Infrared Beam Weapon

Israel and US Develop Infrared Beam Weapon

In 1995 the Baltic ferry Estonia sank with the loss of nearly 900 lives. Did this tragedy set the stage for an even greater one, involving beam weapon technology and the destruction of the WTC?

Was Baltic Ferry Sunk to Prevent Technology from Reaching West?

Was the Baltic ferry Estonia, which was carrying 1,000 passengers, sunk because it carried top-secret Soviet space technology bound for the Pentagon? A new book by an experienced German investigator points to that conclusion.

911 Pentagon Photo Show Mystery Engine Part

911 Pentagon Photo Show Mystery Engine Part

Official photographs taken at the 9/11 Pentagon crash site show what appears to be part of a small jet engine, but no one seems interested in identifying it