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‘Smithgate’ Royal Rape Tape Could Bring Down The Monarchy

After a series of royal upsets in 1992, Queen Elizabeth described the year as ‘annus horribilis’. But if she thought that was bad, she ain’t seen nothing yet

The Real Cause of “Anti Semitism”

Pictured left: Warren Buffet, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lord Jacob Rothschild on Rothschild’s estate, shortly before Arnold became Governor. A photo that suitably illustates Henry Makow’s contention

Rockets, Napalm, Torpedoes & Lies

Jeffery St. Clair revisits Israel’s murderous attack on the USS Liberty, 36 years ago

“They’re getting better,” Chuck said approvingly. “That one hit the runway”

Running the gauntlet of small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades after check-in at Baghdad airport … The FULL ARTICLE

One, Two, Three, what are they fighting for?

Morale is now so bad in Iraq, that US troops stationed there have been given strict orders not to bad mouth George Bush or his Secretary of Defense in front of reporters or Iraqis

The Truth About America’s ‘Ally’

The Truth About America’s ‘Ally’ talks to one of the survivors of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty

Lyndon Johnson Ordered Cover-Up: Former Navy Lawyer

After more than 35 years, a former navy lawyer has admitted in a sworn affidavit, that president Johnson ordered an inquiry to conclude that the attack on the Liberty was an “accident”

First Tacit American Admission of Defeat in Iraq

In the months following the US invasion of Iraq, it was planned that the oil pipeline from Mosul be reconnected to the export terminal in Haifa. But that has turned out to be nothing more than a pipe dream, as the pipeline itself is continually sabotaged

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins

The sight of flag draped coffins arriving at airbases has long threatened American public support for US military operations. But not any more. The Bush administration has found the solution

George Galloway Expelled from Labour Party

George Galloway, an outspoken critic of Tony Blair over Iraq, has been expelled from Britain’s Labour Party in what many see as a political purge

EU Elite are “Filthy Pigs”

Italy’s reform minister yesterday accused the European Union elite of wanting to destroy Europe’s Christian heritage, by turning “vices into virtues” and making “paedophilia as easy as possible”

Sharon’s main plan is to capture more land

Ariel Sharon is in a hurry. His main objective is a Greater Israel, to be built on the ruins of a desolate Palestine. And his chief means will be the so-called ‘apartheid’ wall, which will imprison Palestinians on a fraction of their territory

Newspaper Editor and Diana Letter

Diana expressed fears of a plot to kill her 10 months before she died, the Daily Mirror reported Monday. Editor Piers Morgan speaks about what is already being billed as the ‘Story of the Century’

Diana Feared Car “Accident” Plot

Months before she was killed, Princess Diana told her butler that her life was in danger. According to Paul Burrel she feared her car was going to be tampered with, resulting in “brake failure and serious head injuries”

Are Jews Rulers or Ruled?

Malaysia’s Prime Minister caused a furore after he addressed a Muslim conference recently. Jewish leaders called his address an invitation to anti-Semitism and “hate crimes”. Henry Makow Ph. D. examines the speech, and the media’s response

Baghdad Micro Nuke marks Bali Anniversary

It had same effects and even more radioactivity than the Bali micro nuke, exactly a year before. Burning at over 300,000 degrees and vaporizing everything in its path, only two countries have the technology to harness such destructive power, America and

Exposing Mother Teresa

John M. Swomley debunks the myth of Mother Teresa, who has been unjustly built into a near-saint by the media, by way of a review of the book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa In Theory And Practice, by Christopher Hitchens

Al-Qaeda ‘sleepers’ in Britain, says MI5

In an ominous new development, the ‘War on Terror’ has taken a new turn, as the head of MI5 warns of ‘sleepers’ primed for action and ready to commit atrocities at a moments notice

UFO’s in Ancient Art

From ancient Japan and China, to medieval Europe and some of the earliest Vedic texts, there are references and depictions of what today we would see as UFO’s

Evangelicals and the Death Squads

On the first day of September, 1991, in room 419 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building, there was a hearing that had been structured in such a way as to elicit as little public attention as possible. Experts were on hand to speak in tones pitched to guarantee boredom. Committee members, typically half-prepared and distracted, […]