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How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back

A generation of males has been brainwashed into no longer thinking or speaking intelligently, but instead mumbling rap lyrics like catatonic idiots. While a generation of females now think their bodies are gaudy currency, to be traded and negotiated

‘Pristine’ Amazon Once Hosted Large Cities

In a discovary that challenges conventional notions of our past, scientists have dicovered evidence that the Amazon forest was once home to numerous towns, linked by roads up to 150 foot wide!

Arab Strike Jets Ready to Attack Israel

With attention focused on the growing problems in Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia have quietly relocated more than 400 attack aircraft. Housed behind sand-blast walls, these state-of-the-art aircraft are now poised within easy striking distance of Israel

Russia Launches Terrorism Classes for Children

The War Against Terror is as much an indoctrination campaign, as it is a military one. And it’s not only being fought in the West. Russian schoolchildren are now being taught that: “Terror can sneak in anywhere…No border can stop it”

The Glittering Edge of the Boot

The three women soldiers who detained an old Palestinian on the main street of the German Colony in West Jerusalem didn’t hit him, writes Batya Gur. But something about them made her pause…

Christ Betrayed

Almost unreported, some supposedly ‘Christian’ groups have obeyed to Zionist demands NOT to spread the teachings of Christ in the Holy Land

Secret slaughter by night, lies and blind eyes by day

Things are improving in Iraq, or so we are told. But go to the mortuaries of Iraq’s cities and it’s clear that a slaughter occurs each night

“Sexual Liberation” is Anti-Woman

An item in a story on blind dates in a local university newspaper caught my eye, says Henry Makow Ph.D.. The young female author advised girls to bring “protection” on the date, “just in case.”

Cosmo Kisses Casual Sex Goodbye

Thirty years ago it took the newsstands by storm. But the magazine that once championed women’s sexual freedom has suddenly changed its tune. Cosmopolitan magazine is now warning women of the dangers of ‘soulless sex’

Powell’s Baghdad briefing ignores high price of failure

Occupation authorities no longer distribute nightly security warnings. If they did they would show that US forces are now being attacked up to 50 times a night and missiles are being fired at planes daily

Iraq’s Epic Suffering Is Made Invisible

The Hutton inquiry is Blair’s best trick so far. For an inquiry into the death of one man, ensures that real questions as to why Blair took Britain into war in the first place, are never asked

Edward Teller: the Man Behind the Myth

A scientist who worked with him, recalls the man who became known as the “Father of the H-Bomb”

A hail of bullets, a trail of dead, and a mystery the US is in no hurry to resolve

A hail of bullets, a trail of dead, and a mystery the US is in no hurry to resolve

A human brain lay beside the highway. It was scattered in the sand, blasted from its owner’s head when the Americans ambushed their own Iraqi policemen.

Why Don’t We Have Answers To These 9/11 Questions?

No event in recent history has been written about, talked about, or watched and rewatched as much as the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. So why, 2 years later, do we still know so little about what really happened that day?

ITN’S Terry Lloyd: Shock New Evidence

Journalist Terry Lloyd (left) was killed after coming under fire near Basra. Yesterday however, rescuer Hamid Aglan claimed the journalist was only lightly wounded and died hours later when a gunship blasted the minibus taking him to hospital

Iraq: Who’s Bombing Who?

Are we really to believe the Govt/Media line about events in Iraq, aske J.J. Johnson. Are “Terrorists linked to al-queda/ baathist remnants” really behind recent atroities. Or is something else going on?

Estonians Wary of European Union

Estonia’s largest political party has rejected joining the European Union and, in the coming days, the country’s fate will now be decided in a referendum

Folly Taken To A Scale We Haven’t Seen Since WWII

Two years ago who could ever have conceived an American president calling the world to arms against “terrorism” in “Afghanistan, Iraq and Gaza”? And what exactly do the Palestinians have to do with crimes of 9/11?

Four Months of US Occupation of Iraq

In a low monotonous voice, the BBC’s terrorism expert stated that “foreign terrorists” were streaming into Iraq. This is very likely another fabricated story, created to justify naming the resistance against the US occupation of Iraq as “terrorism”.

This War on Terrorism is Bogus

‘Conspiracy theory’ suddenly goes mainstreamas as Michael Meacher, Britain’s former environmental minister, writes that 9/11 gave the US the ideal pretext to use force to secure global domination