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Respected Broadcaster Claims ‘Too Many Black Faces on TV’

In what amounts to heresy for the polically correct, a veteran broadcaster has broken a taboo, saying what many have long believed

Fox News Tries to Smear American Free Press

When Fox News asked to interview me on Sept. 25 about 9/11, I suspected an ulterior motive. Within minutes the ulterior motive was revealed when Alan Colmes(left) switched the subject from 9/11 to the Holocaust

U.S. Uses Terror Law to Pursue Crimes From Drugs to Swindling

The march toward a totalitarian Amerika continues, but with added stealth now, as laws passed in the “War Against Teror’ are used increasingly in criminal prosecutions

He was both an icon and an iconclast

Robert Fisk pays tribute to the late Edward Said, a Palestinian intellectual and fighter who railed against both Arafat and Sharon.

Not One Nights Sleep

Attended by Cynthia McKinney, 9/11 second-anniversary events in Germany and New York City revealed the growing strength and credibility of a movement that questions the official Govt/Media version of events

Our Next Savior? Grand Illusions About Wesley Clark

With George Bush’s standing in the polls faltering, and with Wesley Clark as a potential contender for president, William Bell takes a closer look at Clark’s track record

Iraq’s Occupiers

A routine of secrecy and denial has descended on Iraq, as the authorities try to suppress any news of the mess the Anglo-American occupiers are in

Against the Press

Sewage is coming through the manhole covers, there’s still only 15 hours electricity a day and anarchy grips the streets of Baghdad, but yesterday America’s toothless Iraqi ‘interim council’ roared like a lion

Israel a Danger

How could a little country the size of New Jersey pose any threat to the United States? Well, how could a little country drain more than $100 billion from the U.S. Treasury?

Sharon, With Eyes Wide Open

Ariel Sharon is deliberately leading Israel and Palestine into greater conflict, writes Gila Svirsky. This isn’t an error of policy but a deliberate strategy to further his own power

Suicide Bomber Attacks UN Baghdad Headquarters

Another blast rocks UN headquarters in Baghdad. As across the city, walls of concrete and earth go up around police stations, US bases and around the offices of the US proconsul and his staff

Pearl Harbour: History Whitewashed?

The events of 911 have a precedent in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. According to American historian and Pulitzer prize winner, John Toland, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had “prior knowledge” of the attack . . . and failed to act

Pentagon to Pay Millions for Robot Soldiers

It is the stuff of pure science fiction, but it may soon become a reality

Presidential Hopeful Reveals His Roots

It may come as surprise to some, but General Wesley Clark told a room full of stunned students that he was “the eldest son, of the eldest son, in a long line of…”

“From now on, the war will start.”

2 Iraqi Boys, Injured, Tell of a Jet Attack in the Night Ichir, Iraq, Sept. 23 – Tahseen Ali Khalaf was asleep beside his brother Hussein when the shooting started early this morning outside their ramshackle house in this farming community 40 miles west of Baghdad, he said. Then a pair of United States fighter […]

Another Day, Another Death-Trap For The US

The American Humvee had burnt out, the US troop transporter had been smashed by rockets, leaving up to eight dead, not counting the wounded. Several Iraqis described seeing arms and legs and pieces of uniform scattered across the highway

White House is ambushed by criticism from America’s military community

President Bush is reliant on them but dissent within America’s armed forces is growing, as more and more military personnel, and their families, speak out

Bush’s IQ

If you thought that George W.Bush was stupid, you would be right. His IQ makes even Homer Simpson look clever. Seriously, a 2001 study revealed that George W. Bush has the lowest IQ of any president in the last 60 years

Clampdown on Alternative Medicines

In a move ostensibly meant to be in the public interest, a new body will regulate alternative health practitioners and remedies. However, the ultimate beneficiary’s may be the transnationl pharmaceutical giants

Korean War II

Reading the news recently I couldn’t help but notice the sudden outburst of love exuding from the White House toward France and Germany. Why the sudden turnaround, asks Venik, could N.Korea be a factor?