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Back to the Future with Nicola Tesla

Whatever the Bush administration may say, the recent power shutdown in large parts of North America was a clear indication of America’s dependence on electricity. But was this a deliberate signal meant to show America its vulnerability?

Freud and the Window

The war on Iraq has been identified with American Jewish power. As it goes badly anti-Semitism will grow, writes Henry Makow Ph.D.. And ultimately, innocent Jews will take the fall for their leaders in the financial elite

Israeli Plan to Shoot Down British Jet

Did the Israelis have plans to shot down a British passenger plane, and then blackmail the world into buying a 200 billion dollar “Anti-Missile” system that didn’t work?

Admen Seek ‘Buy Button’ in Our Brains

Sponsored by huge multi-nationals, teams of neuro-scientists are using brain scanners to find that part of the brain that prompts us to shop.

Tesla’s Electromagnetic Pyramids (And the Later War On Terror)

Millions walked home after by power failures affected the eastern US and Canada. But was this all that it seemed? In an earlier piece, Joe Vialls looks at how technology pioneered by Nicola Tesla might be used by elements of the New World Order

America’s Gulag for Iraq’s VIP Prisoners

Red Cross officials are allowed inside the gulag near Baghdad airport but they are forbidden to describe what they see. However some have broken ranks to describe the shocking scenes they witnessed

Zionism in Microcosm

Mick Napier reports from the beleaguered Palestinian village of Yanun near Nablus, and witnesses at first hand the true face of Zionism

Dead Journalist’s Family Calls US Iraq Report Lies

A U.S. report on the killing of a Spanish journalist in Baghdad four months ago, has been dismissed by his family as a series of lies

Some Great Quotes

” It’s no exaggeration to say that the undecided could go one way or another” — George Bush, US President

“Learning to Be Stupid in the Culture of Cash”

A US teacher reflects on the systematic and deliberate Mis-education of American youth. And who exactly will benefit

The Persecuted Scots Who are Transforming an African Nation

Blighted by famine, the tale of a tenacious Scotsman is one of Africa’s rare success stories. But now it is being threatened by Zimbabwe’s despotic Robert Mugabe

Family Shot Dead by Panicking US Troops

Tensions remain high in Baghdad. In one incident during a power cut, US troops began firing blindly, killing an Iraqi and 3 of his children

A Warning to Idealistic Students

In the coming weeks millions of students will begin classes again. In the light of this, Henry Makow Ph.D. sounds a warning to the young and idealistic

News the Mass Media is Trying to Ignore

A potentially explosive executive order has just been discovered by SEEN, the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network. Signed on May 22, it appears to give U.S. oil companies in Iraq blanket immunity from lawsuits and criminal prosecution

New Revelation Surfaces about Gulf War II “Mystery Illness”

After being questioned by a few independent journalists, US military authorites have finally admitted the deaths of soldiers from a mysterious ailment

Bomb in Jakarta was American/Israeli

Once again the mainstream media is ignoring critical facts when reporting events. The latest example being the recent bomb blast in Jakarta

Tension Grows Between U.S. Troops, Iraqis

Al-Hardan says that he and his tribesmen had initially welcomed the Americans. But after his arrest only bitterness remains. “No incident will be forgotten”, he says

September 11 – US Government Accused

An investigative journalist has uncovered evidence that completely undermines the official story on 9/11. Unsurprisingly, his report has been studiously ignored by the mainstream media

The Ghosts of Uday and Qusay

Robert Fisk tours the graveyard where Saddam Hussein’s two sons, Uday and Qusay, were buried recently. And finds US troops waiting

The Massacre of Rashdiya

Dr. Mahmood Al-Mishhadani, an Iraqi surgeon, recalls the horror of the day when he had to attend to 250 injured children and women in a village bombed by American airplanes