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News, far off the beaten path

Former Los Angeles narcotics detective, Michael Ruppert, doesn’t have much time for the mainstream media. ”because of their corporate financial structure” he says, ”they leave out some key stories.” However, he may be about to change that

An Independent Investigation of 911 and the War On Terror

Dr. Albert D. Pastore Phd. Presents an extensive look at who and what was really behind the events of 911 and the War on Terror

America’s Uday and Qusay Conjuring Trick

In this most recent update, Joe Vialls says that Baghdad morgues challenge Maddam Tussauds waxworks. Including a detailed forensic analysis of the photos of a dead Uday Hussein

What are Iraqis to make of this theatre of the macabre?

THE Americans followed a grand Iraqi Baath party tradition by showing their dead enemies on television. In 1963, when Abdul Karim Qassem’s corpse was paraded it was in black and white. Yesterday it was in colour

Four Tumuli, One Enclosure and a Wondrous Formation

Another spectacular crop circle has appeared, this one on a landscape dotted with ancient stone circles. A local dowser told us that it had the feel of authenticity: an intricately and delicately woven crop formation next to ancient burial mounds

Body Double Needs to See Proof that Uday is Dead

“Don’t tell me that the US could not have taken him alive,” he says. “…the Americans did not want this because…they would tell everyone that a lot of what they did they did because the American agents told them to.”

A Geometric Odyssey

Yet another spectacular crop circle has appeared close to where this website is produced, and this formation has all the hallmarks of the real thing. Extensive photos and a first hand report by Julian Gisone

His sons are dead but Saddam lives, as do forces of resistance

Even if Saddam Hussein’s sons are dead, and that is not at all certain, Robert Fisk argues that America’s problems in Iraq have only just begun

Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

First hand accounts from award winning journalists on how they were prevented from revealing what the corporate media didn’t want them to

Uday and Qusey Dead. Again.

Were Saddam’s sons really killed in a shoot out with US forces? Or is this announcement just an attempt to boost sagging morale and public support?

The Ugly Truth of America’s Camp Cropper

Now here’s a story to shame us all. It’s about America’s shameful prison camps in Iraq. It’s about the beating of prisoners during interrogation.

Vincent Forster Murder Evidence Released

Miquel Rodriguez, an assistant U.S. attorney who was hired by Kenneth Starr to conduct a grand jury investigation of Foster’s death, tells how Starr and others blocked his efforts to expose the cover up of a murder

Killer RPG Tactics for the Beginner

The increased use of RPG-7s in Iraq, and the tactics being used, indicate that men who fought in Afghanistan are showing Iraqis the Afghan RPG tactics developed during the 1980s

Power, Love and Self Sacrifice

Last week, a young Israeli died protecting his girl friend from a knife-wielding Palestinian. The police spokesman said he absorbed the attacker’s blows with his body. Henry Makow Ph.D. reflects on the implications

Wolf, Lamb and Ouroboros

Uri Avnery has proposed a dual state to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. However, Israel Shamir argues that the idea is not a solution

Tour of Duty or Deplorable Deployment?

In Veitnam US soldiers were guaranteed a one year tour of duty, because a draft was in place. Not so in Iraq, where battle weary troops are uncertain how long they will be there

Gulf War Vet Admits Setting Oil-Well Fires Under U N Command

The latest accusation from a Gulf War vet stating that US forces were responsible for the starting of the oil well fires at the end of the first Gulf War

Sad Soldiers Say

Letters from US soldiers at the forefront of operations in Iraq, reveal a picture in complete contrast to the one presented at media breifings

Soldier Killed, Marine Dies, C-130 Receives SAM Fire in Iraq

Casualties continue to mount as Washington finally acknowledges that it is involved in a low intensity guerilla war. The latest deaths now bring the total to 148, surpassing the total American fatalities in the 1991 Gulf War

Smoking Helps Protect Against Lung Cancer

Nuclear atmospheric testing has left a deadly legacy. So stop poking fun at Michael Jackson when he appears wearing a surgical mask over his nose and mouth. He may look eccentric, but there are very good reasons for his strange apparel