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Analysts Warn of Revolt After Soldier Shot

A risk consulting company, has told corporate clients that an Iraqi revolt against occupying forces was one of two most likely scenarios in 2003

Fluoride Flaws

The British government plans to encourage widespread fluoridation of water. But it is the subject of much controversy and critics say fluoride’s ill effects far outwiegh its alleged benefits

Townspeople Chased, Killed U.K. Troops

Townspeople furious over civilian deaths during a demonstration in this southern Iraqi town chased down and killed six British military police, local police said Wednesday

STILL No Arabs On Flight 77

Nearly two years have passed since the fatefull dawn of September 11 2003, and there are still too many unanswered questions about what really happened

Remote Control QU-22 Bombs Jewish Quarter in Hollywood

A light aircraft nose-dives into a densely packed Hollywood suburb, the hub of America’s propaganda machine. At first glance it looks like a Kamikazi attack but the whole incident gets virtually zero publicity. Joe Vialls investigates why

The Zionists Who Dominate the White House

Ever wondered why America was so unstinting in its support of Israel? The answer is laid out in the following list of those who serve in Washington’s pro-Israeli lobby. The lobby has many “thinktanks” that provide future advisors to the various administrations, both Republican and Democrat. During the Clinton Administration, the Israeli lobby provided officials […]

Zionism and the Protocols I

Few writings have created so much controversy and argument than ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Towards the end of the 19th. century, this remarkable and disturbing manuscript came to light. Originally in French, but subsequently appearing in Russian, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and ultimately in English around 1920, it can best be described […]

Zionism and the Third Reich

Zionists Made a Deal with the Devil

Accepting the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” Under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, only two flags were permitted in Nazi Germany. One was the swastika. The other was the blue and white banner of Zionism. According to Lenni Brenner’s online book Zionism in the Age of Dictators (Ch.7), the Zionist party was the only other […]

A Laundry List of Injustice in America

Behind claims of good intentions the Politically Correct are moving toward a totalitarian takeover. Attorney Edgar Steel recounts numerous cases of Political Correctness and reveals how it is now being used to infringe basic human rights

Junk History

Nothing exemplifies the topic of junk history better than the made-for-mass consumption notions concerning Islam and its relationship to the “Judeo-Christian West

Selling Pfc. Lynch

Jessica Lynch might not leave much of a mark in military history, but she seems guaranteed of a place in the annals of journalism

The Best Show in Town

Television viewers all over the world saw heroic Israeli soldiers on their screens battling the fanatical settlers. Close-ups: faces twisted with passion, a soldier lying on a stretcher, a young woman crying in despair. It was a perfect show.

Iran Muddies Afghanistan’s Waters

Iran, which is steadily being pushed against the wall by the United States, still has a few cards left to play in Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq, in an attempt to tie down harassed US forces further in those countries and divert attention from itself

‘I Just Pulled the Trigger’

In a series of disturbing interviews, US troops confess to leaving wounded Iraqi fighters to die, and even to shooting injured enemy soldiers. They say they are frequently confronted by fighters dressed as civilians, including women

Jessica Lynch “Blanks Out”

Rescued American POW Jessica Lynch has lost her memory and can’t remember her ordeal as a prisoner in Iraq. Experts believe the 19-year-old’s mind may be blanking out the terrible things she witnessed. Jessie was captured after her company was ambushed on March 23 near Nasiriyah. A US official said: “She basically has amnesia and […]

US Troops Smash Homes in Hunt for Iraqi Militants

Psyched up on a bizarre musical reprise from Vietnam war film “Apocalypse Now” US troops smashed into Iraqi homes to hunt gunmen, as Shi`ite Muslims rallied against the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

The Professor and the Porn

Edward Samuels was a highly respected New York Law School professor. And then the tech department stumbled onto his stash of child pornography. But if you thought he’d resign, you’d be wrong. Instead, the techies who discovered his secret were fired.

Censorship Of The Press

A controlled press is a responsible press – which is exactly what Saddam Hussein used to say about the trashy newspapers his regime produced. Now, however, Iraq’s new overseers are doing the same as they draw up fresh plans for press censorship

I’d Rather Go Naked

Fashion designers from New York to Milan have filled the runways recently with all the latest looks. But regardless of what you think of this season’s couture you should be aware of a trend … it could make you think twice before buying new clothes