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Who Really Did Save Private Jessica Lynch?

The rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, which inspired America during one of the most difficult periods of the war, was not the heroic Hollywood story told by the US military

Bleak Tales of Army Life in North Korea

As a sergeant in the North Korean Army, Baek Yi followed a simple if harsh way of life: Don’t mix with civilians and never speak to family. Today she says: “I was like a frog in a well, The only thing I could see was a small bit of sky.”

China Set To Field World's Most Powerful Tank

China Set To Field World’s Most Powerful Tank

China is set to deploy a new Main Battle Tank that has become known as “the Beast from the East” and is potentially the most powerful of its kind in the world

Exotic Non-Lethal Weapons to Quell Mob Rule

Hi-tech weaponry such as an incapacitating 26w taser gun will be soon available to US troops. Experts are now speculating that such weaponry will be used with Iraq as the test bed

Sen. McCarthy & The Khazars’ Curse

News stories like recent ones about Sen. Joe McCarthy convince Americans to reflexively reject “conspiracy theories.” But it’s the plotters themselves who own these news outlets

French Town Under Siege Before G8 Summit

Today, anyone living in Evian or even venturing within a couple of kilometres of it must think they have set foot in some earthly purgatory. The reason: the G8 summit is coming and the town has gone into security overdrive

Where is the outrage over activist's death?

Where is the outrage over activist’s death?

Crushed to by an armoured Israeli bulldozer, her death was news for a few days and then nothing. A month later and Antonia Azerbis asks: why the deafening silence over her murder?

World Trade Center ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is a Conspiracy Fact

The evidence continues to mount, and continues to be ignored by the mainstream media, that bombs were responsible for the collapse of the WTC towers

Patriot Raid

A first hand account of a raid carried out in the name of the USA PATRIOT Act but which bears the hallmark of any modern police state

Secret Service Questions Students

Two weeks ago two high school students were led out of class in Oakland High, Oakland, and grilled by US Secret Service agents over comments they had made in a classroom discussion

Are You Brainwashed? Part I

Are you brainwashed? What about some of your neighbours, are they brainwashed? Before you answer that, let us ask you a few preliminary questions: Do you believe that the United States was struck by a terrorist attack on Sept. 11? Do think that the people behind that attack were “Arabs” and that its “mastermind” was […]

Is Fluoride Good for Our Health?

This week, leaked Government papers revealed plans to add fluoride to all drinking water in England and Wales. Although the addition of fluoride to our water has been proved to reduce tooth decay, it is controversial – fluoride may also be linked to increased risks of osteoporosis, kidney problems, and even cancer, and some say […]

Pyongyang May Have Fired Laser at US Aircraft

AP. North Korea’s military may have fired a laser at a US helicopter in March, a US official said yesterday, as the communist state ditched its last legal obligation to keep itself free of nuclear weapons. The aircraft’s censors detected the unknown type of laser while it was flying near the heavily fortified frontier that […]

GIs Very Vulnerable to Iraqis’ Sniper Fire

The war in Iraq is not over, but from boot level it hardly appears the same one launched by coalition forces. Soldiers now find themselves in a conflict they never trained for, but dying all the same

The British Double Agent who murdered for the IRA

In an exclusive report the Sunday Herald reveals how the British paid a feared IRA executioner and how, now that his cover is in jeopardy, he has been given sanctuary in a military base in the south of England

Soldiers of the New Front

I didn’t get the soldier’s name, but he was already in his own private hell, and to have pulled out the notepad and added “Your name, sir,?” would have been beyond brutal

The Real Casualty Rate from America’s Iraq Wars

Chalmers Johnson investigates the hidden, human cost that Americans and Britons will pay for the last Gulf War

Associated Press Puts Violent Words in Iraqi Protesters’ Mouths

The Associated Press newswire recently carried an article headlined, “U.S. Troops Fire on Iraq Protesters Again.” It concerned the second time US forces had shot Iraqi protestors but it clearly twisted the truth. And we can show exactly how

The Shady World of the Bildeberg

This month marks the 49th annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group, a semi-secret organisation that, according to a 2001 Reuters report, groomed both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair before they became world leaders. Paul Joseph Watson investigates

Jewish Group Threatens to Kill Editor of Campus Newspaper

The offices of Santa Rosa Junior College’s student newspaper were locked temporarily following death threats against the editor after she published an article entitled “Is anti-Semitism ever the result of Jewish behavior?”,