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2 US Soldiers Killed, 9 Wounded, Helicopter Down

Two U.S. soldiers and two unidentified attackers were killed and nine other American troops were injured in a firefight early Tuesday

What Rates a Headline ?

Ben Granby examines media coverage of the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict and finds some obvious descrepancies and omissions

America’s Political Prisoners

Unknown to the average American the US does have political prisoners: imprisoned, not because of their political beliefs, but because of the incriminating evidence they have of criminal activities in government

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Ambush

George Bush announced the end of major combat operations in Iraq on May 1. But three weeks later small skirmishes are still occuring and with increasing frequency too

A Whale of a Fish Story

Word is made flesh as God reveals himself . . . as a fish

US Confirms Top Iraqi Officers Took Bribes To Surrender

What many have long suspected has finally been verified

Bilderberg 2003

A full list of those who attended this years Bilderberg meeting at Versaille, near Paris, France

Lords of the New World Order convene at Versaille

Christopher Bollyn reflects on the recent Bilderberg meeting and how the mainstream media has been complicit in helping to conceal the event

Voting Machine Engineer Alleges Machine Design Flaws

A voting machine engineer claims he was dismissed so that he could not blow the whistle on voting irregularities. In a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal he claims that inherent design flaws leave voting machines wide open to rigging

President Bush’s Movements and Actions on 9/11

Why, fifteen minutes after it was clear the United States was under terrorist attack – did President Bush sit down with a classroom of second-graders and begin a 20-minute pre-planned photo op?

Strange Orwellian Telescreens Debut At UK Supermarkets

Propagandamatrix observes as we take another step toward the future, and the waiting arms of ‘Big Brother’

Mass Graves Revive Memories of U.S. ‘Betrayal’

The role the U.S. played in the 1991 massacre of Shiia may yet come back to haunt Iraq’s American rulers

The Other Side of Holocaust Denial

When questioning the truth becomes “hate”, we have entered the 1984 era of thought crime. Don’t kid yourself. This is the slippery slope to tyranny, writes Henry Makow Ph.D.

US POW Rescue was ‘Stage-Managed’

Jessica Lynch’s much vaunted rescue was less a feat of arms and more an ‘info war’ operation: aimed at boosting morale and distracting attention from mounting civilian casualties

Bilderberg Convenes In Versailles

The annual meeting of the global elites kicked off in secrecy. However, two resourceful correspondents were there, unveiling what goes on behind closed doors when the world’s most powerful meet to discuss pressing issues of the day

Bilderberg 2003 Meeting Now

Pictured left: delegates are checked by security personal as they arrive at the venue for this years Bilderberg meeting. Amongst others Richard Perle, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Henry Kissinger, and Queen Sofia of Spain are said to be attending

Bilderberg 2003 set for Versailles

Leaks from last May’s Bilderberg meeting were one of the first indications in the world that Iraq had been selected for the transatlantic alliance’s next military outing. Bilderberg appears to be where plans for U.S. imperial adventurism are run past the handful of people powerful enough to stop them. As the illegal Iraq invasion crawls […]

Empty gestures

It is forbidden to stand, to smoke, to speak, to read a newspaper, to look to the side. They sit like this for an hour, with their legs amid the garbage. Several male conscripts, rifles poised, stand over them

“Settlements”: A User’s Guide

Explaining why Israel cannot stop the building of settlements on the West Bank, Sharon is said to have asked Colin Powell rhetorically: “What do you want, for a pregnant woman to have an abortion just because she is a settler?”

The Wall at the Heart

The Wall at the Heart

The most important part of Jewish teaching is the maxim, ‘build a Wall around the Torah’. Israel Shamir reflects on the building of “Shamir’s Wall” around Israel