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Vindication – A Statue Falls

Exactly how balanced and objective has the coverage of the war in Iraq been? Media Lens takes a closer look at the reporters and their reports

A Civilisation Torn To Pieces

A Civilisation Torn To Pieces

Baghdad is a city at war with itself, at the mercy of thieves and gunmen. And, in the city’s most important museum, something truly terrible has taken place: the mob has turned upon its own heritage

US Uses Cluster Bombs to Spread Death and Destruction in Iraq

Weapons of mass destruction have been used in Iraq, sowing death among innocent civilians. But contrary to expectations they were used by UK/USA forces

“Before You Cheer”

Baghdad the Day After

It was the day of the looter. They trashed the German embassy and hurled the ambassador’s desk into the yard. I rescued the European Union flag – flung into a puddle of water outside the visa section – as a mob of middle-aged men, women in chadors and screaming children rifled through the consul’s office […]

Israelis Shoot Peace Activist

Israeli troops have shot another peace activist. A 24 year old Briton working with the International Solidarity Movement has been shot in the head and declared ‘brain dead’

General Custer ‘Captures’ Downtown Baghdad

The 7th Cavalry drove into central Baghdad and secured a massive propaganda victory when it ‘captured’ the city centre. But will the men of the 7th face the same fate as their forerunners at Little Big Horn? Joe Vialls investigates

Iraqi Minister Becomes Internet Star!!

Much of the modern world thrives on untruth and lies. So it is no coincidence that Iraq’s former Minister of Information has become an Internet celebrity

The Images They Choose, and Choose to Ignore

Why do some images receive such widespread exposure? While others, just as powerful in themselves, are virtually ignored?

“Hitler” Exec Producer Fired Over Remarks

LOS ANGELES ( – The executive producer of a CBS miniseries about Adolf Hitler’s rise to power has been fired after giving an interview in which he compared the current mood of Americans to that of the Germans who helped Hitler rise to power. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gernon was fired Sunday (April 6) […]

Warmongers Now Eye Syria

WASHINGTON: A group of Bush Administration hawks, many of them Jewish, has begun openly portraying Syria as the next candidate for “régime change” in the Middle East‹though making clear they do not envisage Iraq-style US military intervention. Widely described in Washington political and media circles as the “Neo-conservatives”, ‘Neo-cons,’ for short, the group includes deputy […]

“Saddam’s Love Shack”

THE doors of the town house in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods of Baghdad opened onto a playboy’s fantasy straight from the 1960s: mirrored bedroom, lamps shaped like women, airbrushed paintings of a topless blonde woman and a mustachioed hero wrestling a crocodile. On the wall and in the bedroom were photographs of Saddam […]

Iraqis Now Waiting for Americans to Leave

Local leaders are adamant: they don’t want to see US flags and they do not want US troops interacting with their women at checkpoints

Journalists Die, the Networks Lie, Iraqis Ask Why?

Former BBC reporter Kate Adie warned that non-embedded journalists in Iraq could be Pentagon targets before the war began. She was right. Today, an American tank shell was fired at the temporary home of international reporters

Amid Allied jubilation, a child lies in agony, clothes soaked in blood

Amid Allied jubilation, a child lies in agony, clothes soaked in blood

It may look OK on television but American airstrikes have turned Baghdad Hospital into a charnel house, full of dead and dying civilians


Hospitals Overwhelmed By Living and the Dead

The BBC had said coalition forces would not target civilians. “I was sure 100 percent they would not shoot at a civilian,” he said. “Now I’m 100 percent sure they will.”

Troops Pause After Battle in ‘Hell on Earth’

After a day advancing on the Iraqi capital, Marines hunkered down for the night in a downtrodden Baghdad neighborhood one Marine described as “hell on earth.”

Rubber Bullets Fired at Anti-War Protesters

Police fired rubber bullets at protestors in Oakland, California, while picket lines formed outside one of the Carlyle group of companies in New York

War in Iraq April 7 Evening

News and analysis on the war in Iraq from Russian journalists and military experts.