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Embedded Propaganda

Previously called ‘Wartime Propaganda’ it was done by military corrospondents attached to military units. Today the same job is being done by journalists from the media who are ’embedded’ with frontline units

NewsMax: Controlled ”Opposition” Media

Faking It!!!

Faking It!!!

More clear evidence that scenes of jubilation in Baghdad, at Coalition forces arrival, were staged

The Deal

We give the low down on what really happened to the feared Republican Guard. They were expected to fight to the end but resistance seemd to evaporate before the US advance. We reveal why

Israel Seeks Pipeline for Iraqi Oil

Plans to build a pipeline to siphon oil from newly conquered Iraq to Israel are being discussed between Washington and Tel Aviv

Baghdad Did Not Fall. It was Handed Over

The Arabic media is rife with speculation that the Saudi regime brokered a secret deal between the White House and Iraq’s ruling party.

Practise to Deceive

Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks’ nightmare scenario–it’s their plan

Iran Media Leaks Secret Deal Behind Demise Of Baghdad

AN Iranian news agency close to top conservative military figures attributed the fall of Baghdad to a secret tripartite agreement between Saddam Hussein, Russia and the US. According to the Baztab agency, 13 days after the start of the war, Saddam and Russian intelligence allegedly pledged to hand over Baghdad with minimal resistance to allied […]

The Unthinkable is Becoming Normal

His image has almost become an icon, but the saving of one little boy must not be a cover for the crime of this war

Sharon: the Mask is Off

Sharon is the perfect exemplar of the violent Israeli, says Uzi Benziman, the sort who tramples his neighbor and screams bloody murder whenever anyone tries to put him in his place

The Night After

The next war. It is now fashionable to talk about “the day after”. Let’s talk about night after

For the people on the streets, this is not liberation but a new colonial oppression

America’s war of ‘liberation’ may be over. But Iraq’s war of liberation from the Americans is just about to begin

Israel’s Blitzkrieg on Middle East Oil

On 21 March 2003, the British and Australian SAS were unwittingly tasked with protecting “Israeli Assets” in Iraq’s Western Desert. Their political masters stood these elite troops into clear and present danger, without ever explaining the real reason

AP Cameraman Shot and Killed by Israeli Troops

“US Forces Encouraged Looting”

Looting was not only allowed but actively assisted by Coalition forces in Iraq, according to an interview published in Sweden’s biggest selling daily

Anti-U.S. Protest Flares After Baghdad Prayers

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Muslims have poured out of mosques and into the streets after the first Friday prayers in a U.S.-controlled Baghdad, calling for an Islamic state to be established. Carrying Korans, prayer mats and banners, tens of thousands marched in the city`s biggest protest since U.S. forces toppled Saddam Hussein over a week ago […]

Americans Defend Two Untouchable Ministries from the Hordes of Looters

Whilst an orgy of looting swept through Baghdad, two Iraqi institutions remained unscathed. Largely because US troops were stationed outside, and inside the buildings

Dictators’ Collusion

Did Anglo-American forces ‘allow’ Saddam Hussein to escape? Reports coming in from Al-jazeraa and Tehran Times indicate that this may well be the case

A Tale of Two Photos

A Tale of Two Photos

Scenes of Iraqis celebrating the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s Statue that were broadcast around the world were not all that they seemed. Indymedia investigates

Baghdad’s Museum of Antiquity Torched

First came the looters, writes Robert Fisk, then the arsonists. It was the final chapter in the sacking of Baghdad