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The Flimflam

The American people are being played for suckers, says Charley Reese, being drawn into a war that may benefit other countries but not their own

It’s Legal to Lie

A Florida court reverses a $425,000 jury verdict in favour of journalist who charged she was pressured by Fox Television to air what she knew to be false information

The Oil Monarchs: George W. Bush and his Royal Kin

While the media portays Bush as the driving force behind the plan to invade Iraq, his connections with oil rich european royalty is seldom discussed

Gulf War Vets Question Who Started the Oil Well Fires In Kuwait

Gulf War Vets Question Who Started the Oil Well Fires In Kuwait

Gulf War Veterans Associations are voicing dissent over the impending war with Iraq and doubts about who really torched the oil wells in the last war

U.S. Military Plugs Israel into Real-Time War Monitoring

WASHINGTON – Israel and the United States have set up a joint command post next to the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv at which Israeli army officers will be able to view real-time pictures of the movements of American war planes over Iraq in the event of a war. In addition, an American early warning […]

Is Baghdad the Next Hiroshima?

HAVE your heard of Harlan Ullman? Everyone in the White House and the Pentagon has. They may very well follow his plan for war in Iraq. He wants to do to Baghdad what we did to Hiroshima. Ullman is what they call a “defense intellectual.” He was the Navy’s “head of extended planning” and taught […]

America’s Shadow Warriors

They are already in Iraq, even before Bush has begun his military campaign against Saddam Hussein: the “Special Operations Group,” the CIA’s paramilitary organization. However, this elite group based in Langley, praised for its successful deployment in Afghanistan, must contend with the shadow of the past – the spy agency’s wartime efforts have frequently turned […]

Jesse Jackson and the Chicago Dance Club Tragedy

Kate Randall details how Jesse Jackson, and others in Americas black elite, have used ‘civil rights’ for profit, cynically exploiting their own people

Turkish vote jeopardizes Bush war plans

WASHINGTON. The Turkish parliament’s decision to deny U.S. forces use of the south eastern part of that country as a staging area despite an offer of $6 billion in aid, plus another $20 billion in loan guarantees could jeopardize scheduled plans for an invasion of Iraq on March 11, according to a source close to […]

Middle Eastern Chessboard Part 2: The Invasion of Iraq

Is the dissent over whether to invade Iraq indicative of a rift between the various factions in the NWO? Paul Joseph Watson examines the evidence

America Uses Israel’s Words to Justify Occupation

Ah, to be a “viable” state! The word “viable” has now become the be-all and end-all of American policy towards Palestine. “For its part,” George Bush told us, “the new government of Israel, as the terror threat is removed and security improves, will be expected to support the creation of a viable Palestinian state.” Well, […]

The Facts About Rebellion

Question: which leader made war on his own people, killing thousands? Abraham Lincoln or Saddam Hussein? Charlie Reese has a surprising answer

Police Sharp Shooters Watched Over New York’s Anti-War Protests

The NY Times reports that police snipers watched over last week’s protest march. However, after only a few hours the story mysteriously disappears

Weapons of Mass Destruction Hidden in Indian Ocean?

Has a desperate Saddam Hussein shipped his WMD into the Indian Ocean, threatening the whole region with a nuclear nightmare? Joe Viall’s investigates.