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Elite Iraqi Column Heads for U.S. Force

KUWAIT (Reuters) – A huge column of elite Republican Guard units streamed out of Baghdad on Wednesday evening heading toward U.S. forces massed near the southern Iraqi city of Najaf, CNN television reported. “A major column including about 1,000 Iraqi mobile units that might include tanks, might include armored personnel carriers, trucks and other things […]

Battle for Bridge Rages Near Najaf

NEAR NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – U.S. troops are fighting a fierce battle with Iraqi forces for control of a bridge over the Euphrates river close to the southern Iraqi city of Najaf. A U.S. military officer monitoring the clash said an unspecified number of U.S. tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles had been destroyed by Iraqis […]

No Sign of Basra Uprising

KUWAIT (Reuters) – Al-Jazeera television says there are no signs of unrest in the southern Iraqi city of Basra despite reports that an uprising against President Saddam Hussein may have started there. “The streets of Basra are very calm and there are no indications of violence or riots,” Jazeera`s Basra correspondent Mohammed al-Abdallah told the […]

‘Iraq will become a quagmire for the Americans…’

‘Our troops will not surrender’, declared an Iraqi spokeman as US and British forces are drawn into what begins to look like a trap

US Bombs Iran

Al-Jazeera TV Shows Film of Captured US Soldiers

Film of what are claimed to be captured US soldiers has been broadcast. The US military has confirmed that 4 male and one female soldier are missing

The People Don’t Know and Can’t Know

. The war correspondent as hero and mythmaker: from the Crimea to modern day Iraq. John Pilger introduces a classic on journalism

The reality of war. We bomb. They suffer

Veteran war reporter Robert Fisk tours the Baghdad hospital to see the wounded after a devastating night of air strikes

Rockefeller: Bush decided ‘long time ago’ to go to war

The following report is disinformation at its most potent, largely because it is true. Like all good disinformation it hinges the fact that most of it is verifiable. There is however one critical omission that changes the entire thrust of this report. See if you can spot it, I’ll spell it out at the end. […]

12 U.S. Troops Reported Missing in Iraq

CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar – Twelve U.S. troops were reported missing Sunday after an ambush in southern Iraq, the U.S. Central Command said. Lt. Gen. John Abizaid said the service members were reported missing as a result of an ambush of an army supply convoy at al-Nasiriya, a major crossing point over the Euphrates River […]

American forces acknowledge stiff resistance in Umm Qasr

Fifty Iraqis killed with US Airplanes bomb Basra Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in the southern Iraqi city of Basra has reported that more than 50 Iraqis, and one Russian citizen, were killed when F-16 aircraft intensively bombed positions in the city of Basra, south of the capital Baghdad. The correspondent added that a family of four, including […]

Desert Rats in Fierce Fighting

BRITAIN’S Desert Rats and paratroopers were early today struggling to put a stranglehold on Iraq’s strategically vital second city, Basra, against strong resistance from Saddam Hussein’s diehard forces. Iraqi conscripts belonging to the 51st Division, well-armed Republican Guards and internal security forces fought off allied attempts to enter the southern city of 1.3m people. Coalition […]

Bubbles of Fire Tore into the Sky Above Baghdad

It was a pulsating, minute-long roar of sound that brought President George Bush’s supposed crusade against “terrorism” to Baghdad last night.

Dr. Gary Glum, Essiac and the Antidote for AIDS

So has a cure for cancer been discovered along with the real origin of AIDS? And have drug companies suppressed these findings to protect their profits?

Baghdad is a City Sleepwalking to War

For Baghdad, it is night number 1,001, the very last few hours of fantasy. As UN inspectors prepared to leave the city in the early hours of this morning, Saddam Hussein has appointed his own son, Qusay, to lead the defence of the city of the Caliphs against the American invasion. Yet at the Armed […]

America Used UN Veto to Protect Israel 24 Times!!

In the light of French and Russian threats to veto any moves against Iraq, a timely reminder of how the US has previously used its UN veto

Media Misquote and Excise Bush Comment About “Scripted” Press Conference

More clear evidence that our media and so-called “free press” is being discretely censored

Israeli Force Opens Fire on Mourners

SECURITY sources and Palestinian eye-witnesses report that the Israeli occupation army opened fire in the direction of hundreds of Palestinian and dozens of foreign peace activists. The demonstrators were planting olive and palm trees in the spot where a bulldozer belonging to the occupation forces killed the American peace activist Rachel Corrie in the al-Salam […]

The Real Power Behind Tony Blair?

Could Tony Blair be operating at the command of others, a shadowy cabal whose whose aims may not accord with the British public’s best interests?

Cleaning the Pool

The Bush press conference was like a mini-Alamo for journalism, a final announcement that the US press no longer performs anything like a real function