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Was Irv Rubin Killed in a 911 Mop Up?

Did the late Irv Rubin have inside knowledge about the fact that Israeli intelligence operatives were trailing the alleged 9-11 hijackers while they were “on the ground” in California? When JDL chief Irv Rubin’s friends cry that their leader may have been murdered in federal custody, they may not be far off the mark. Rubin […]

Eyeless in Israel

Is it too much to ask Israelis to take a look, even a glimpse, at what’s going on in their backyard? Are we even capable of dropping our relentless preoccupation with primaries and the battle between Tnuva and Strauss over cottage cheese, to pay attention to what is happening in the territories under our occupation? […]

Hidden Agendas

Two years ago a project set up by the men who now surround George W Bush said what America needed was “a new Pearl Harbor”.

U.S. Soldiers Executed In Afghanistan?

Russian intelligence says 18 MIA following capture by Taliban While the Pentagon and White House have maintained a tight lid on any strategic information coming out of Afghanistan, Russian military intelligence has been closely monitoring U.S. activities in the country, claiming that 18 U.S. soldiers were captured and then executed by the Taliban, reports Geostrategy, […]

Paying for the Bullet

I HAVE nothing against Arabs, but a lot of them seem to hate me. Not as an individual, but just as an American. I think I understand why. An eight-year-old Arab boy was shot the other day. He died at the hospital. I paid for the bullet that killed him. It happened in Nablus, on […]

Permanent War State

The American republic died at Appomattox in 1865, replaced by a national government that has gradually evolved into an empire in a permanent state of war. Most of us don’t pay much attention to such stuff as history and perspective. Certainly the news media don’t. Nevertheless, there are consequences of living in a war state, […]

Outrage As Black Journalist says “Thank God For Slavery”

Why US forces can’t crack Al-Qaeda

NEW YORK, 7 December 2002 — The Americans take them shackled and hooded onto transport aircraft to Kandahar. They live in pens of eight or ten men. They are given cots with blankets but no privacy. They are forced to urinate and defecate publicly because the Americans want to watch their prisoners at all times. […]

The Israelization of America

US officials recently announced the somewhat jarring news that Israeli security forces will be training American soldiers in the techniques of urban warfare. Apparently Israel’s illegal thirty-five year occupation of Palestine has enabled it to perfect tactics that our troops will need in a ‘possible’ war on Iraq. Most informed Americans will receive this news […]

The Photos Henry Kissinger Doesn’t Want You To See

They say that ‘you are what you eat’. And these pictures of Henry Kissinger reveal exactly what he is made of.

The Iraq War: It’s Not About The Oil, Stupid!

Who Really Runs the World? Part III

The Growth of Corporate Power “Trans-national corporations are the most tyrannical and totalitarian institutions society has yet devised.”Professor Noam Chomsky A key feature in centralisation of power and the erosion of democracy and the integrity of nation state, is the trans-national corporation (TNC). These have largely been a development of the last 50 years or […]

Louis McFadden and the Fed

On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to: CONVERSION, AND TREASON. The petition for Articles of Impeachment was thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee and has yet to be acted upon. What’s […]

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the crop circles that have appeared over southern England in recent years are not simply hoaxes, as some would have us believe. Every year brings new and more complex patterns and many of the crop circles are now expressive of profound geometric and mathematical truths. So much so that […]

Countdown To War

Countdown To War

On July 26, 1990, top CIA pilot Gunther Russbacher arrived at Crows Landing US Naval Air Station where he found four CIA SR-71 hypersonic spy planes being readied for a trans-polar flight to Moscow. The mission was straight forward enough but so ultra secret that it would ultimately change the course of history; the signature […]

The Scourging of Iraq Part 1

Without Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait there would have been no 1991 Gulf War, though the mounting tensions in the region would still have made conflict likely at some time and in some circumstances. It is probable also that without US posturing and intransigence (and no doubt a hidden agenda set on war) — exemplified […]

The Scourging of Iraq Part 2

The Gulf War, reinforced by comprehensive economic sanctions (many of which violated international law), transformed much of Iraq into a polluted radioactive environment. At the end of the war, the Iraqi and Kuwaiti deserts, and many urban sites, were littered with wrecked armaments, unexploded mines and other munitions, chemical pollutants and radioactive debris. There was […]

Power, Guns and Minerals in Southern Africa

In Southern Africa there is an area the size of a small country, which is marked on maps as ‘Diamond mining area, access forbidden’. The area itself is somewhat bigger than Wales and helicopters or four wheeled drive vehicles intercept anybody who enters this barren region. In effect the giant diamond-mining conglomerate, De Beers, which […]

The ‘Alternative’ Press?

The press can be divided into various categories: left wing, right wing, highbrow, low brow and so on. Whilst they may all appear very different they all work to one and the same agenda. Why has nobody in the main stream media mentioned the Paul Wilcher Report on Waco or spoken about Tomlinson’s sworn testimony. […]

On the Arab Response to a Possible War with Iraq

A million march in London but, faced with disaster, the Arabs are like mice Could anything be more pathetic than the Arab demonstration against war? A million Britons marched in London, more than half a million Spaniards in Madrid; 200,000 in Paris and New York. And Cairo? Well, just 600 Egyptians turned up in their […]