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Dreaming War

Dreaming War

Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta A review of Gore Vidal’s latest book Following his bestselling Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, Gore Vidal returns with a collection of provocative and alarming essays in which he confronts head-on the unelected and unconstitutionally-appointed ‘junta’ of the Cheney-Bush administration. Vidal is sceptical about the supposed motivation for […]

Scotland's Mysterious Rosslyn Chapel

Scotland’s Mysterious Rosslyn Chapel

For centuries the intricately carved stones of Rosslyn Chapel have tantalised historians, now new technologies may reveal what is behind them

Gun Crime ‘Soars’ in Britain

The mainstream media in Britain has been full of reports this past week on the rise of gun crimes…but once again we are not being told the whole story

Naboth had a Vineyard

Had they been there last Saturday at sunset, most Israelis would not have believed their eyes. In the middle of Havarah, a small village south of Nablus, 63 Israelis, men and women, young and old, were standing together with dozens of Palestinian villagers. Jews and Arabs talked together, drank juice offered by the hosts, exchanged […]

The Skull and Bones: Racist Nightmare at Yale


The story of one man’s single handed attempt to launch himself into space. Sometime in the spring of 2002, a man who has somehow become known to the world as “Rocket Guy” plans to launch himself 30 miles (48 kilometres) straight up in a rocket of his own making. Unlike NASA, Walker, a Bend, Oregon […]

Horse Apples!!!

The president says that a key part of his foreign policy will be to alleviate poverty in foreign countries. Horse apples. Number one, foreign countries are not his responsibility. Number two, he doesn’t have the ability to alleviate poverty even in his own country, much less somebody else’s. Number three, the very globalist free-trade policies […]

“Who Cares What You Think?”

A friend of a friend met the President during his inspiring stop in Independence Park in Philly last Wednesday. Here’s her account: So when the President was here on July 4, I had the opportunity to shake his hand. I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not but I did it anyway, […]

The New Portnoy’s Complaint

The Viennese Jewish shrinks decided to disinvite the American Palestinian Professor Edward Said, who had been called to lecture them in memory of Sigmund Freud. The Professor had been seen throwing a stone towards an Israeli border. The psychiatrists said it speaks a lot about his subconscious. They would never throw a rock, as the […]

War is a Racket

The following quote comes from Smedley Darlington Butler who served for 33 years in the US Marines and retired in 1933 as a major general. Whereupon he wrote ‘War Is A Racket’, a book in which he identified the US armed forces as gangsters in the service of the money masters of the day: specifically […]


The Governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating has a brother, Martin Keating, who also happens to be a writer. Four years BEFORE the Oklahoma City bombing actually occurred he submitted a manuscript for publication. The manuscript, now published as “The Final Jihad,” tells the story of a group of terrorists based in Oklahoma City who decide […]

Man Contracts Foot and Mouth

July 2001 Bobby Brewis was found to have the first confirmed case of human Foot and Mouth disease nearly 35 years ago. Dr. Rex Arnstrong was the first to examine the weals and sores on the agricultural machinery salesman in 1966. Dr. Armstrong’s son, Dr. Angus Armstrong, told BBC Online that his father “was the […]

FMD – the Management of a Pseudo-Crisis.

Over this last week, international television and radio news bulletins have brought world audiences graphic reports of an encroaching pestilence. The dreaded and highly infectious livestock disease known as ‘foot and mouth’ or FMD has returned to British shores. The globe is being treated to round the clock reports on ‘the extent of the FMD […]

Foot and Mouth and Biodiversity

Foot and Mouth and Biodiversity

The Ultimate Game Plan “The US Department of Agriculture in Greenport, New York, carried out a series of tests that were reported on September 7, 1982. These confirmed that in a solution of 1:10 grapefruit seed extract “Citricidal” was completely effective within 2 minutes against the pathogens of the dreaded Foot-and-Mouth disease (MKS virus), as […]

Foot & Mouth: Who Benefits?

Power, they say, comes from the barrel of a gun. It also grows in the ground, or rather, food and food supplies are key elements in the machinery of control. So whoever controls the production and distribution of food has some measure of power over the rest of us because, whatever happens, we all have […]

Address Given by Chief Seattle

Posted by Robinhood www.rumormillnews In 1854, the “Great White Chief” in Washington, President Franklin Pierce, made an offer for a large area of Indian land and promised a “reservation” for the Indian people. Chief Seath(Seattle), chief of the Suquamish and other Salish tribes of the Pacific Northwest, replied to President Pierce, giving an address that […]

The Technology of Control

TRUTH IS CLOSER THAN FICTION Over the last decade, Hollywood has sensitised us to totalitarian technology. Block buster movies portray our heroes and heroines using the weapons of the new millennium. Militarised police forces keep citizens safe; android warrior personnel, part human, part robot are gainfully employed as global peacekeepers; prisoners are incarcerated in high […]

Lone Nutcase Assassins?

A wheelchair bound paraplegic, Sherman Skolnick has been an outspoken and courageous voice in the alternative media for over thirty years now. As a result of his investigations, and his refusal to name his sources, he has been jailed and even threatened with death. Here he looks at some recent stories that didn’t quite make […]

Fast Food Nation I

From Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser (Houghton-Miffin, 2001) THE french fry was “almost sacrosanct for me,” Ray Kroc, one of the founders of McDonald’s, wrote in his autobiography, “its preparation a ritual to be followed religiously.” During the chain’s early years french fries were made from scratch every day. Russet Burbank potatoes were peeled, […]

Fast Food Nation II

From Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser (Hodder-Miffen 2001) “NATURAL” AND “ARTIFICIAL” SCIENTISTS now believe that human beings acquired the sense of taste as a way to avoid being poisoned. Edible plants generally taste sweet, harmful ones bitter. The taste buds on our tongues can detect the presence of half a dozen or so basic […]