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Baghdad Streetfight is Bush`s Nightmare

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – If there is no early surrender by President Saddam Hussein`s most loyal forces in a U.S.-led war against Iraq, the endgame could well be played out on the streets of Baghdad. For Washington, it`s a nightmare scenario. Casualties — both military and civilian — would probably be very high if U.S. troops […]

Economic Genocide, God and Culture

It’s estimated that 254 people own nearly half the world’s wealth. Moreover they seem intent on owning more, with the rest of humanity paying the price.

The Nazification of America: Phase 3.

Dr. Norman D. Livergood examines the amazing parallels between Hitler’s assumption of power and Bush’s recent moves. The resemblance is frightening

A Gaza Diary: Scenes from the Palestinian Uprising

Thursday morning, June 14, Jerusalem The artist Joe Sacco and I are driving up through the Jerusalem Hills to Beit Agron, the government-run press building. Beit Agron was the first place I visited in 1988, when I moved to Jerusalem as the Middle East bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News. I had no office, […]

Bush Knew, Now the World Knows

All the desperate lies and spin don’t change the fact that the Bush administration had foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks… George W. Bush knew. And his administration knew. The transparently dishonest denials issued by the White House do not stand up to the slightest scrutiny. They are lying. A simple examination of existing information, […]

September 11th: The Media Plays its Part

CBS News Washington DC, July 26, 2001 (CBS) FISHING rod in hand, Attorney General John Ashcroft left on a weekend trip to Missouri Thursday afternoon aboard a chartered government jet, reports CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart. In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of […]

U.S. Tells Expats to Prepare to Flee

Friday January 24, 2003 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department is sending a cable to embassies around the world telling Americans abroad to be ready to leave their resident country quickly if for any reason they have to, a U.S. official has said. The senior State Department official made no comment when asked if […]

Israel’s War Machine

“Israel need not apologize for the assassination or destruction of those who seek to destroy it.” Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997

No, Stupid, They Are Not Iraqi Chemical Weapons

Eureka! United Nations inspectors have finally found clear evidence of Iraqi chemical weapons. Or have they? Joe Vialls investigates.

Iraq wants press at inspections — UN doesn’t

Associated Press – Baghdad – The inspectors don’t want journalists at their elbows. The Iraqis say they’ll give them free rein. With their cameras and instant analysis, international journalists have become an early point of contention in the tense showdown over Iraq. When the two leaders of the inspection program — Hans Blix and Mohamed […]

Vatican Links Israeli Influence to Media Attacks

. The Vatican has issued a not-so-subtle blast at the influence of the Israeli lobby over the American media monopoly. This is news that the media (not surprisingly) is keeping under wraps.

The “Free Press”..? Part 1

Those members of the press who don’t tow the official line tend to get shut up in no uncertain terms. It happened when British and American forces struck at Serbian TV during the recent Balkans campaign and the same thing happened more again to Al Jazeera TV’s offices in Kabul. The Gulf based TV station […]

The “Free Press”..? Part 2

In 1988, Pentagon officials circulated word that a U.S. aircraft carrier would be delayed in heading to the Persian Gulf, where Iran and Iraq were at war, and the story was promptly leaked to a network correspondent. But the story was a deliberate lie. According to Jay Coupe, then spokesman to the Joint Chiefs of […]

The “Free Press”..? Part 3

You would almost think that the BBC was worried about losing credibility, particularly in view of the growing influence of the internet. “Are we paranoid, delusional or just plain bored,” asked BBC Online’s Charlotte Parsons about the proliferation of “conspiracy theories” on the net. In answer Psychology Professor Cary Cooper was roped in to explain […]

Africa’s New Slave Markets

By Adriana Stuijt Courtsey HOLWERD, The Netherlands – Some African leaders — including the besainted Nobel Peace Laureate Nelson Mandela — are apparently still closing their eyes to the New African Slavery markets — namely the ones at the coltan mud mines of the eastern Congo and the informal tanzanite gemstone mines near Arusha, […]

A Rare Breed

As somebody else once pointed out there is no such thing as a free press; it’s owned and it’s the owners who ultimately call the shots. As Middle East correspondent Sam Kiley found out when he tried to submit a story at Rupert Murdoch’s The Times. As he discovered it was not in line with […]

US Led Attack on Iraq Planned for February

Poll Indicates Anti-Semitism Rising Among Young Americans

SAN FRANCISCO: Anti-Semitism may be increasing in the United States as more young adults express bigoted views about Jews than do middle-aged Americans, according to a national poll by the Institute or Jewish and Community Research in San Francisco. On question after question, researchers found that the proportion of Americans ages 18 to 35 who […]

Israel Urges US to Attack Iraq: “Sooner, Rather than Later”

Sharon’s advisor: Urges US to accelerate aggression on Iraq, says postponement bad for Israel Occupied Jerusalem: 18 January, 2003 (IAP News) A former Israeli ambassador to Washington who is now advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has urged the Israeli government to step up pressure on the Bush Administration to accelerate the war on […]

History… Truth or Propaganda? Part I

“He who controls the past controls the present and he who controls the present controls the future…,” George Orwell. The manipulation of history is nothing new – it is an age old art – Voltaire once described history as a lie commonly agreed upon. The Romans took it to its zenith – following their adoption […]