European migrant crisis

Tourists Flee ‘Nightmare’ Paris Amidst Rising Theft, Assaults, Terror

Asian tourists are now avoiding Paris in the face of rising crime and violence. Instead many are turning to Russia as a holiday destination

Wherefore Goes Germany?

Wherefore Goes Germany?

Germany is dissolving before our very eyes – an honest appraisal

SWEDEN CRUMBLING: Demands for military intervention as thugs turn Malmo into ‘no-go zone’

Swedes reap the consequences of unfettered immigration. Brought to them by their political leaders acting in accordance with the dictates of the Illuminati

Swedish police in Malmo following riots. Click to enlarge

LAWLESS SWEDEN: Lone migrant youths turn shopping centre into ‘NO-GO ZONE’, officials say

Migrants largely behind a dramatic increase in crime in Sweden. Making some areas “no-go zones” at night

Afghan Migrants Who Brutally Raped Teenage Boy Will Not Be Deported

Swedish court rules that the boy’s attackers cannot be deported because their homeland is “too dangerous”

Migrants queue at Austrian-German border. Click to enlarge

Migrants Angry with Sweden Expected ‘Own House’, Girlfriend

Migrants don’t just want rooms with shared kitchens. They want their own private houses, and jobs, and Swedish girlfriends too

German intelligence agent drove alleged perpetrator in Christmas market attack to Berlin

Early in 2016 the perpetrator of the Berlin Christmas market attack divulged his plans to a “secret informant for the Intelligence Service”. Why didn’t they act to stop him?

Seven migrants arrested after homeless man was set on fire on Christmas Eve at a Berlin subway station

After torching the sleeping man, the suspected assailants hopped onto a train to getaway. Fortunately, the victim escaped with minor injuries after bystanders helped put out the flames

This Week in Refugees: Rape, Murder, Terror

This Week in Refugees: Rape, Murder, Terror

Lest we forget: some hard facts that the corporate media would prefer you to ignore

German Politician Prevented Police Sharing Image of Christmas Market Attacker ‘to Prevent Racism’

Hamburg Justice Minister accused of hindering investigations into the Christmas market attack because he was worried about provoking “racist” comments on Facebook

Merkel’s Germany: The Normalization of Insanity

Merkel’s Germany: The Normalization of Insanity

Angela Merkel’s days appear to be numbered. For Germany’s sake, let’s hope they are. As a top German psychiatrist has declared Chancellor Merkel clinically insane

The Merkel Meltdown - She's Led Her Country to Disaster (Video)

The Merkel Meltdown – She’s Led Her Country to Disaster (Video)

Merkel has blood on her hands. A lot of it. And not just German blood but Syrian and Ukrainian blood too. Includes Paul Joseph Watson video

Germany to allow increased security video surveillance

Why the migrant crisis is a win-win situation for the architects of the New World Order

German police seek Tunisian in hunt for Christmas market attacker

German police seek Tunisian in hunt for Christmas market attacker

Prime suspect now identified as Tunisian who is believed to be part of a larger network of militants

Wrecked truck from Christmas market attack. Click to enlarge

Police hunting Berlin Christmas market killer are stumped after releasing their sole suspect – as ISIS praise ‘soldier’

Police warn of a another potential attack and urge Berliners to stay indoors.

‘They hijacked the driver, my cousin would NEVER do this’

Relatives of the owner of the truck that ploughed into the Berlin market believe the vehicle was hijacked, as police name 23-year-old Pakistani refugee Naved B as prime suspect

The War Between Globalists and Populists

The War Between Globalists and Populists

Anti-EU parties are now an integral part of the electoral landscape across Europe

Five Afghan teenagers are arrested after a boy is gang-raped at knifepoint for more than an hour in a forest in Sweden

All five had arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied minors seeking asylum

Anger as German news show says migrant arrest over teen murder 'TOO REGIONAL' to cover

Anger as German news show says migrant arrest over teen murder ‘TOO REGIONAL’ to cover

German media tries to sideline story of 19-year-old medical student murdered by Afghan migrant

Refugees from Libya and Syria attempt to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe. Click to enlarge

Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Mediterranean

Human traffickers contact the coast guard in advance, NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya